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TTMT 8/20/19: Animal Antics

10 thoughts on “TTMT 8/20/19: Animal Antics

  1. I was so sad to hear about Lilith but she was lucky to have you as her person.

    Animal is just about my favorite from The Muppet Show. That is going to be a fantastic quilt!


    1. Lilith lived with my son Chris for over 13 years and came to live with us over 4 years ago. Chris adopted her as a young cat (about a year old), so she was at least 18. She was spoiled rotten, but she had been going down hill and was ready to leave.


  2. I love how excited you are about Animal!

    You are so very close and I can’t wait to see all of your blocks all together.

    It’s so clear you’re having a great time making a Muppet quilt! It makes me think you might need to make one for yourself. 😉 Those cornerstones are perfect!

    It is such a nice idea to get a quilt made for your sister-in-law. I would also recommend the long-armer who just moved to Texas. I’m hoping to meet her before too long!

    I was so sorry to hear about your kitty, but I am glad she had such a good life and was spoiled rotten with love.


    1. I’m loving this quilt too! I’ve got 22 blocks done now and have 2 to go. I will probably re-do 2 because I’m not happy with the job I did on them. So, I’m hoping to have the top completed the first week of September.


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