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TTMT #53 All Really is Good


11 thoughts on “TTMT #53 All Really is Good

  1. Holy Cow that is crazy!! Oh, I just poked a hole in your husband’s heart. Crazy. Survival mode is all you can do. I’m sending huge hugs and healthy heart wishes to you guys.

    Our eyes are so important to us crafters. I’m so glad you can still see your knitting. I always say knitting soothes my soul.

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  2. Holy Cannoli! That’s a lot of life all at once. I am wishing him a speedy recovery. If you need anything… I’m not far. You just let me know.

    I’m waiting on my new glasses too.
    The contacts need to be refitted as they are making me nauseous. I can see far away fine. It’s the up close that needs fixing. Hopefully they will be done this week.

    The booties are adorable.

    Happy Crafting

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  3. Oh my that is a lot to have to be dealing with at one time. Here’s to Rich getting back in rhythm and out of the hospital and you getting your new glasses. I’m glad you at least can still do your knitting,

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  4. Oh my, I really do hope new glasses will take care of your vision issues.

    The booties are super cute. I love baby booties, they are just the most fun to make! I like the hat, too. Super cute.

    I will continue to think good thoughts for Rich. It’s been some kind of year…

    Thinking of you, lady!

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  5. Oh gosh, Sarah. I hope thinks are getting better for Rich, that’s such a scary thing. Life just seems to come full on sometimes, doesn’t it? I hope everything settles down in all the best ways. I’ll be thinking of you both.

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  6. I have always had a preference for “bad” things coming in clusters, leaving more time between them for “good” things. You got a LOT done. I hope everything and everyone are back on track shortly. Keep doing what you’re doing and know we’re here for you. And I’m sooooo glad Rich’s incident is not as bad as it sounds…because it sounds bad. See you soon.


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