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TTMT #47 Settling in & still a spoiled brat with my space.

9 thoughts on “TTMT #47 Settling in & still a spoiled brat with my space.

  1. It’s definitely a a smaller space to adjust to, but it’s still a good amount of space. If i had a hole in the wall like that one I would probably install built in shelving (or something that looked built-in) and store my accuquilt dies in it. I have not set up a space a really like for that yet, just one that will “do for now”. I also need to do a new design wall.I still really need to get rid of one more piece of furniture, but until I have a room that is 100 percent mine I don’t think that is going to happen.

    That really sucks all the problems the movers caused! I hope you get some satisfactory resolution from that situation. That’s just wrong. They are supposed to help you move, not hinder you!


    1. It still a fabulous space. Not complaining at all. The space is the previous house was so ridiculously large that I was completely unorganized. I have plenty of room to make everything work just fine. I will need spend sometime organizing is all.

      I hope we get some resolution as well. They were paid a small fortune. Somethings that damage are not going to be able to be replaced. I had some tears in the weekend when I tore through all the remain boxes looking for my iPhone quilt. Finally Hubs found it for me. It was my first beginning to end designed all by me Quilt &
      QAL. If I move again somethings I may just take in the car. We’ve never had problems like this before and I didn’t worry as much as I clearly should have.


  2. Oof, I feel incensed on your behalf! “Fairly salty” is a mild thing to feel with everything that went wrong, was lost and broken. UGH. I really hope that your machine is okay and that all the insurance things & repairs come through with no further issues.

    Oh, your studio space is SO nice! I might be a tiny bit jealous. 😉 The lighting looks just great. Fingers are crossed that your missing boxes are found!


    1. “Fairly Salty” is my polite language appropriate for public consumption. A significantly stronger reaction has played out around the house. I am honestly finding the level pissed off getting in the way of my productivity.
      So for myself, I’m collecting all the necessities for filing claims & then trying to let it go. Worst things happen to people everyday. This sucks but it is all replaceable.
      So I’ll be salty for a bit longer and then move on.

      I am going to love my space and our new area. I was particular sad leaving all that I loved in NC. It will always be one of my favorite places, but I am
      equally excite about where we’ve landed.


      1. I could see the less viewer-friendly thoughts crossing your face, but I also understand needing to let it go so you can function and have a life. I REALLY hope your machine is 100% functional. That would be a huge positive!


  3. Ugh… what a frustrating thing to have happen with your move! Too bad the movers made such a mess of things.. wow. I mean, that’s their whole job! I hope the claims process has been going okay.

    The room looks like a nice space to work in! Hope you settle in quickly.


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