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TTMT #322 – jewells68 – jewells68 – August 20, 2019 – Eye See Halloween

In which I show a new quilt in progress, this time for me me me! Also an update on the stitch regulator saga and new glasses… Sorry I’m so out of it, didn’t get enough sleep last night and have a bit of a headache, not to mention my blood sugar was low. All combined to make me sound half asleep!

19 thoughts on “TTMT #322 – jewells68 – jewells68 – August 20, 2019 – Eye See Halloween

  1. Yay for making yourself something! I love Halloween. I definitely would like to make more Holiday quilts for us. They are fun and happy.

    Low blood sugar will make anyone out of it. My oldest is a type 1. He would look drunk as a kid when his blood sugar was low. That’s always fun to explain πŸ˜‚ Get some food and rest!

    Happy Crafting


    1. I have been wanting to make a Halloween quilt and collecting scraps and fat quarters for ages but never got around to it. With the frustration from the stupid stitch regulator and just coming across two ziploc bags of Halloween fabric I was like… I NEED to make this quilt now. So I just jumped in. how soon it will get quilted is anyone’s guess. I might just throw my walking foot on my Kenmore and straight line quilt it to get it done and on my couch.

      Thankfully I have no diabetes, but my blood sugar naturally falls on the lowest end of normal. So if I am not eating balanced enough or go too long between meals (today’s problem) I can have hypoglycemic episodes.


      1. My husband has those episodes as well. He has tested freaky low without even realizing he is low. So he monitors it now especially around workouts.

        Sometimes when something is as
        completely frustrating as the stitch regulator has been, a fun project is just what you need.


        1. The blood sugar thing sucks but my gma was diabetic. I’d rather have this.

          A fun project is EXACTLY what I need right now. 9patches are cut and I am in the process of rearranging them just the way I like.


  2. I love your new glasses. I always struggle with getting the right prescription. I tend to wear my glasses a bit lower on my nose but they always want to measure at the top of the bridge.

    My go to quilt is a Halloween quilt. If I had to choose only one type of fabric to sew with for the rest of time I would choose Halloween fabrics.

    Low blood sugar is not fun. My tends to drop randomly. It’s not always easy to recognize when it’s happening to yourself but those around you can tell real quick.


    1. Thank you I like them too! I still kind of regret getting progressives all those years ago instead of just getting glasses for reading. But with my astigmatism the progressives are supposed to be better.

      I certainly have the fabric to make more. Most of it can’t be used for Project Linus so I guess I’ll just have to make them for me and family and friends. πŸ™‚

      If I am eating a good balance of carbs and proteins it doesn’t bother me at all, but if I get a little too carb heavy especially too much refined sugar it throws my system all out of wack and I have to do like I am now tracking my food to watch the percentages for a while to reset my system. And yes I get crabby as heck when it’s low.


    1. It’s coming out well! Had to take this evening off due to wrist pain. Hopefully I can work on it again tomorrow. Definitely not the last time I make one of these


  3. Looks like the Halloween quilt is going to be pretty cool! I want to try one of those sashed nine patches as well… such a different look to the regular disappearing nine patch.

    Hope you figure things out with the stitch regulator! What a hassle.


    1. I have not touched the Halloween quilt for a few days due to my wrist hurting, but I plan to get back to the sewing room for a bit today.

      Also need to try out the new cables which arrived for the stitch regulator later this morning.

      I will definitely make another of d9p with sashing quilts again.


        1. That looks like it’s for strips. Thankfully I have the accuquilt go strip die, and plan to get more, but it’s squaring blocks up where I usually ruin my wrist. I’l have to see if they have any rulers for that…


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