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Hoping for a little help from my friends

Good morning and Happy Friday! I want to make a quilt for someone who really really really wants this one she saw on facebook. Of course it’s from one of those horrible “quilt blanket” scam sites that steal people’s photos. I have been unable to locate the original source of the photo/maker of the quilt.


I have told her it is highly unlikely I will be able to find that exact panel, which looks digitally printed to me. However, I know some of you have mentioned that you have bought panels and then had them sitting around, so if this happens to be one of them, I would be willing to buy it from you or swap or something. Whatever we need to do. Meanwhile, if you have seen something even kind of similar, even if it’s in a different colorway, would you please clue me in? Because I can’t find anything like it other that these stupid scam sites. It needs to have at least one big butterfly whose wings are spread open like these. If it’s the wrong color maybe I can overdye it or something.

I’m less concerned about the border fabrics, all I need is varying shades of the same color and I can do piano keys or something.

I’m on a mission!

Thanks in advance…


8 thoughts on “Hoping for a little help from my friends

    1. I had not seen that Northcott Sun Galaxy one, that’s gorgeous. I have been considering that Timeless treasures one though. It’s pretty darn good even if it is the wrong colorway. I could maybe do a gradation of blues to purples in the border that would help.


    1. Possibly. Although I haven’t found it on spoonflower yet. Or possibly it’s not even a quilt panel but something someone used for a quilt, like I did with the Grateful Dead quilts. I’m even thinking if I can find something with the same style and feel but maybe applique a butterfly. I don’t know.


    1. She’s going to have to be flexible if she wants me to make it, lol. I’ve decided to wait until the new lines get launched at market and see what shows up then. I have found a very large scale butterfly print i the right colorway from In the Beginning Fabrics, but it seems the only place to gt it these days is etsy and that means “cha ching”. There’s no rush on my end… so if you happen to see something when you are out and about let me know. I did look at the Lepidoptera quilt but I honestly would prefer not to have to do that much piecing.


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