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TTMT: 13 August 2019

12 thoughts on “TTMT: 13 August 2019

  1. That is a crap ton of plus signs. I love the green, I’m sure it’ll be brilliant.

    The bee blocks are great. That second set has so many pieces!

    The baby quilt for your friend is fantastic. I love the quilting.


    1. If I did the math right, there are 236 pluses in that plus quilt! So many! I somehow wound up with two extra of the small pluses, but I feel like they need to go into it somewhere. I guess whenever I get around to piecing the back…

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    1. Thank you! The one on the wall is all ocean themed – mermaids and octopuses and sea horses and fish.. I love that one too… I should really get back to it again… (it’s all partial seams though and such a pain to make the bigger it got!)


  2. So good to see what you’ve been up to, and a Happy August Birthday… I know it’s this month but I can’t remember what day off the top of my head, lol.

    The plus quilt looks tedious to make but really fantastic with them all together. You do so good at actually making quilts from the books you buy, I flip through my books and then just do a nine patch or something, lol.

    The bee blocks are fantastic. but wow that one does look hard to make.

    I love that hipster cat quilt. I have been wanting to make that but have no one in my family to give it to. I guess I could make it for Linus but I have so many unquilted tops for them in my room right now already.

    That is such a sweet charm square quilt for your friend’s baby. and you are right washing it does wash away our quilting sins. I am thankful for that every time I wash a quilt.


    1. Thanks!

      The plus blocks were SO tedious! When/if I finish it, that will be the first quilt I’d have finished from a book! I have done some of my loose patterns and a couple from magazines, but my books I mostly only use for random paper piecing patterns or like.. pot holders. I keep telling myself I can’t buy any more books unless I make some quilts out of the ones I’ve got haha.

      The hipster cat is such a cute pattern. I never mind giving anything I make to charity, but for some reason this one feels like it should stay in my family, haha.


  3. Love the fabrics in the Comfort Quilt. It’s going to be beautiful.
    The heart log cabins are really nice, and again–great fabric choices. Can’t wait to see that one come to life.
    The Bad Girl is coming along well, too. It seems like you’re getting close on the Comfort Quilt and this one.
    Three finishes for the APQ challenge is not bad. I did 2 so far. I’m getting a lot done, but I am only counting actual UFOs for that one. That Hipster Cat is just too darling! I can see why you had to do it, whether you need it or not.
    The backing is great on your charm pack one. That whole piece is just so pretty.
    You’ve been VERY busy making beautiful things.
    Great to see you.


    1. I got distracted from the comfort quilt and the bad girl quilt by doing another pattern test for someone and it is SUPER tedious and time consuming (it’s all paper piecing, which I think I’m slower at than average). I’d like to get back to those two QAL projects once I’m done with the test pattern though since I’m so close to having tops done (and then it will just be quilting, which could take me actual years!).

      I actually finished 4 of my APQ challenge quilts… just miscounted! Four is double last year’s total, so if I can knock one or two more off the list, that’d be even better.

      I am two weeks behind on videos right now, so I’m hoping you’ve had an update showing some of the things you’ve been working on. You really have been tackling a lot of projects this year!


      1. Unfortunately, although I’m typically very disciplined, I have been letting myself just go crazy and do whatever quilting I feel like on any given day. I needed this “break” from my otherwise stable life, and it’s been really fun. But it means that I have started every project that struck my fancy this year…in addition to all the ones I already had on my list. But I think I’m coming back to myself slowly and will start focusing better. None of my time was wasted, it was just spread all over the place.

        I’m impressed by your APQ challenge progress so far, and hope to see more. I hope you finish your testing soon so we can see some progress on your QALs when you can get to them.
        Great to see you.


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