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TTMT#109-Quiltfest finishes

7 thoughts on “TTMT#109-Quiltfest finishes

  1. Look at you go! You are just cranking through those projects!

    I really like the idea for the broadway/musical quilt. If you did one block for each year that would be 30 blocks, I’m just saying. 😉 I would say if there is app block you really like and want to do, go for it, And then do applique for the rest. I like your idea for Mary Poppins with her as a silhouette over the london skyline. What if you did sort of the opposite for Oliver? There are some really fun british/london themed prints like with the red phone boxes and big ben, etc. You wouldn’t need a lot to cut the letters out of that fabric and then put it on a solid background. just a thought, but since the logo is literally just the name of the show in black on white I think it would work well.

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  2. I absolutely love them all. The new project sounds fun. Sometimes the planning is just as fun as the finish on a quilt. I usually take a lot of twist and turns until wham…you know your on the right path. Sew exciting!!


  3. Go Abbie! Great quilts. As a former performer/stage manager/costumer in local community theater, I totally love the musicals quilt. I can’t wait to see how it comes together!


  4. Woohooo! Just pumping them out over there. I love the ideas you have for the musical quilt. I’m excited to see it. I love the different performances from over the years being included. It will make a theatre junkies heart sing.

    Ugh I dreading the request for the T-shirt quilts. I know they are coming at some point.
    We to have shirts from a lot of places especially for our oldest one. The younger two have spent the majority ( or all ) of the their lives in two places. It’s a fun trip down memory lane with the
    T- shirt quilts. Someone just asked me of this was our last move and I had to laugh. I wish I knew that answer as well. We likely will at least move to the other part of town when the youngest finishes HS. Hopefully this is last big relocation. When I saw the stickers they used on the boxes I thought I need to show these to Abbie. They are modernize with barcodes. I only got a blue stripe. Lol


  5. I always love seeing a finished PoD. Yours is a beauty!

    Look at those mitered corners, so nice!

    I mentioned to Jeanie that I love that you are both working on quilt show projects right now. TTMT represent!

    You are putting so much love and thought into the theater quilt and I’m just sure it will be amazing! Please let us know if there is a way we can help. 🙂

    My daughter left a giant bin of t-shirts when she moved out. They are currently residing in my garage waiting to be a quilt. I’ve already made two for her over the years, so one of these days!

    Happy camping!


  6. Your POD looks fabulous. The backing just expands the theme a little. LOVE how the Convergence finished up. Great work. I remember when you started Turbulence and weren’t really sure if you would like it (but knew she would). It REALLY turned out nicely. It’s a little different for you, but I bet you’re happy with it.
    Your Musicals is going to be fantastic! Love your ideas for Mary Poppins and The Wizard of Oz. Can’t wait to see it as it progresses.
    “Just make a t-shirt quilt!” Love that. It’s not really what you need to do right now, but it’ll totally be worth it.
    Enjoy your camping trip!


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