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TTMT #28 Getting ready for a quilt show

Revisiting some of my quilts. I also may be adding my star quilt to the show.

6 thoughts on “TTMT #28 Getting ready for a quilt show

  1. Wow that’s an amazing amount of hand stitching, I love it. I am super impressed by it. I have never managed to hand stitch a project that’s big.

    I think you can do a 9 patch in the amount of time. You are pretty fast and it’s a fairly easy pattern.

    Happy Crafting


    1. Thank you. I have only been FMQ for a couple years. all of the quilts the previous 25+ years were hand quilted. I wanted to make more quilts, so I started FMQ. My FMQ is horrible, but I figure with every quilt it gets just a bit better.
      I am excited about the 9 patch.


  2. 95 % of my quilts are hand quilted. However most of them have been gifted over the years, so not many of them to show. I still prefer the hand quilting over the FMQ,but the process is just too slow. As I shared with Jennifer my FMQ is horrible, but that doesn’t stop me. The last couple years I have decided to challenge myself, so I keep trying new methods. EPP was something I had never done before. I find it extremely relaxing. I now keep me a bag ready for doctors appt. and weekends away.


  3. Thank you for the awesome show & tell. I love seeing your quilts from the past! It’s just wonderful hearing you and Abbie talk about sharing your lovely work in quilt shows. 🙂

    You will whip that Disappearing Nine Patch out in no time. Can’t wait to see what you do with it!


  4. So much work and so much beauty! I am totally impressed with all that handwork! Love the EPP quilt especially. And, of course, you know I love that Hocus Pocus quilt. You are going to kill it at that quilt show!


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