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TTMT #46 We’ve Arrived

6 thoughts on “TTMT #46 We’ve Arrived

  1. God bless you! Been there, done that! It’s funny last week I was telling my husband that I had torn the house apart because I had a box of Hummels(that I swear the movers lost) that I hadn’t seen in 10 years after one of our moves. Last night I was at my parents house and was looking through my old bedroom and saw a Creative Memories box, opened it , and low & behold there were my Hummels! Good grief…I don’t even remember giving them to my parents for safekeeping. Wishing you a stress free unpacking!


  2. I’m glad you were able to pop in and say hi. Hope you find a home for all your stuff that you want to keep. At least the trade off for the smaller house is that awesome backyard space. Y’all are going to love that.


    1. I’m sure we will find a place for stuff. It’s not that small really. The last house was just really big. I loved the last house but with only one kiddo left in the house full-time it’s silly to have that much space. I’m happy about the smaller place. It’s less work for me and the backyard is something we all will really enjoy. Maybe the only crazy part is we know we will likely seek this house in 5 to 6 years when #3 is off at college. We chose the area because of the schools. He has a ridiculously long commute to work. So when schools don’t matter we will likely move to a different part of town closer to work. The joke a recently saw was Houston is an hour away from Houston. Completely true!


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