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TTMT #320 – jewells68 – August 6, 2019 – Trial of Errors

In the grand scheme of things, my woes are completely inconsequential, but in the interest of getting this thing uploaded as quickly as possible I didn’t edit them all out. So yes, I am whining about stuff that doesn’t really matter too much. It’s only money and I have so many things to be happy and thankful for… my family and our relatively good health, my job, my friends, my home, and so much more. Life is good. Stay crafty my friends!

12 thoughts on “TTMT #320 – jewells68 – August 6, 2019 – Trial of Errors

  1. I still can’t believe the massive amount of issues you’ve had just getting going with the new frame. I really, REALLY hope Grace can help you get this sorted out because it’s veered right into ridiculousness.

    The new pressing station is going to be awesome. I can’t wait to see how it works out. Someone will probably love having your vintage ironing board, too.


    1. As you know the saga continues! I’m trying to keep a good attitude but it’s not easy. However, the will to quilt will prevail!

      Pressing station slapped together and ready to use, lol. When it gets nasty and needs to be replaced I’m going to take more time and measure better and do a removable, washable cover. But until then this should work just great.

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    1. Honestly I think the best explanation is he really didn’t know what he was selling or how it worked. And he’s on the verge of complete senility. Even with his hearing aid he can barely hear you.

      Talked to support to day and they made a couple of suggestions. Neither worked so I’ll be on the phone to them bright and early when they open at 8am my time tomorrow, lol


        1. Exactly. I would prefer not to think he is just an asshole. So I am going to settle on his just being past his sell by date. That being said this dealership will get zero future money of mine

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  2. When the Gracie frame is up and running I’d love to hear how it works out. I’m still looking at the HQ Simply Sixteen but am now trying to decide between the hoop frame or a 10 ft frame. Someone had listed on a site here that they were selling a Husquavarna Platinum 3000 with frame. It looked awesome but I’m not familiar at all with the H and my husband said I should probably get new so that I have a warranty. Hope things get resolved on your end.

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    1. The frame is up and the will is strong but unfortunately I still can’t get the stitch regulator to work. I have one more thing to try tonight and if that doesn’t work I have to try to get the dealer to give me money back for the stitch regulator at least. I bought it in a pkg deal with the frame but I’d rather not have to try to drag the frame out of here. Since I basically paid what I would have paid online for just the frame and leaders and carriage, I may just buy a different regulator separately. I haven’t made that decision yet.

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  3. I sure hope you get it worked out. I keep telling my husband that a long arm and frame is my retirement plan. I do appreciate you sharing your story for ones like me who have no idea what we are getting into. I have never used a stitch regulator, but I feel that’s the route I need to go. Thank you.

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  4. I hope you have it all sorted out now – or will have soon. When my friend gave me her Bernina it had everything but a stitch regulator; and since I wanted to use it to quilt small quilts, I wanted one. I called around and looked on line and found out that a new stitch regulator for that machine would cost more than buying a new machine with a stitch regulator.


    1. From what I can tell EVERYTHING for a Bernina costs more than probably any of my machines would cost, lol. I specifically bought this one for the carriage on my frame because the version of the constant speed control for the pfaff has all kinds of problems and wears out quickly. So I bought one meant for quilting on the frame. It attaches to the wheels and when you move the machine the stitching can speed up and down to match the wheels on the frame carriage. I know eventually I’ll have to buy a new machine altogether, but I’m hoping this set up will last me until then.

      It has taken all week but I finally got sufficient documentation from the local dealer to confirm to Grace that it was still under warranty and grace has sent me a new control box. Should get it next week, so yay for that!


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