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TTMT #85 – Second half of Shop Hop

4 thoughts on “TTMT #85 – Second half of Shop Hop

  1. wow, lucky you winning raffles and things! I “challenge” you not to start anything else new for the rest of this year, lol. JK. Looks like the shop hop was loads of fun. I would love for NM quilt shops to get together for something similar to encourage you to travel the state to visit shops! Maybe I should suggest it to the State guild.

    I love the tree wall hanging. I’ve been seeking an alternative to a tree maybe that’s something I could do.


    1. I think there are 3-4 different Shop Hops in the state…this was just the one with shops within about an hour of Baton Rouge (and not all shops participated). They usually divide the state up into geographical areas with 8-10 participating shops per area.

      I think a tree quilt would be a great alternative to a space-hogging tree. You could still put gifts under it.

      I challenged myself to not start anything new until I got my 2019 list finished. That was about a month and 7 new projects ago. I am REALLY going to try not to start anything new for a few months, though (the Shop Hop was a valid excuse, I think, but then, since I am the rule-breaker and the judge in these matters, everything is a valid excuse).


  2. Oof, lady, you have your work cut out for you! That is a lot of new projects added to the list. I am very glad you had fun with it all!

    I only have a few Accuquilt dies so far because I really want to make sure I am going to use the ones I buy. They are quite an investment!


    1. I’m going to be VERY busy…plus picked up a time-consuming no-quilt project for the next 9 weeks that is going to get in my way (but worth it…more on that later).

      I haven’t committed to Accuquilt (or tried it yet), but I have used the Sizzix dies for quilting before. I just think that when it comes to flying geese I will probably use this one, and then I’ll see if it makes a big enough difference to get some more. Not a priority right now, but it was a good deal.

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