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TTMT: 7/30/19 – Sorry about the Looooong Video

I made a new one a lot shorter but I couldn’t upload it for some strange reason.  So, sorry about the rambling.  I think I may need to learn to edit.

7 thoughts on “TTMT: 7/30/19 – Sorry about the Looooong Video

  1. Your Sesame Street and Muppet show characters are looking wonderful! So cute!

    Your stuff from Robin is nice, and that was lovely for her to include the football for Garrick!


  2. Doctor Teeth and Janis are so good!

    I love your story behind Floyd.

    Well done, you! I love seeing your blocks all together. It also makes me very happy to see your worksheet all filled out. ♥

    If your sashing matches some of your block backgrounds, it would make them float. Can’t wait to see what you decided!

    I also have some of Robin’s dishcloths. They are great for dishes. The Santa hat is super cute.


  3. All of your Electric Mahem blocks are SOOOOO cute!
    Still so in love with Sesame Street project, and love the rubber duckies idea. You’re getting close!
    Great washcloths…LOVE the Santa hat and football.
    Your cutting/ironing stations are very conveniently close to each other. Good thinking. Mine used to be, but keep getting farther and farther apart somehow. I have the sewing machine I use the most on top of a chest of drawers, so I stand when I sew. I sit too much, so I think this is good for me. ANd you know with paper piecing, you can sometimes sew less than a minute at a time. But I really like all the storage that comes with it, because it’s a full set of drawers.
    I so enjoy seeing all your progress.


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