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TTMT #531 – A Lemonade Week


9 thoughts on “TTMT #531 – A Lemonade Week

    1. Thanks! I am thinking of trying it again with some other fabrics…as soon as I have time to actually sew again! And thank you for the compliment on Ready to Play. I am really pleased I’ve decided to donate my samples.


    1. Thanks! I really like it, too. I made a full-sized Disappearing Nine Patch years ago and was never compelled to do it again until I saw this version.

      I’ve got about a week to go waiting for my machine. I can’t even tell you how dumb I felt when I realized what happened.


  1. I really love that disappearing 9patch. I am totally going to try that one to use up some scraps.Yay for accuquilt friendly patterns!

    I think it’s very cool that you are donating those quilts. I totally get what you are saying. Why just leave them in a box? And what are you going to use them for? Why not let them make a kid happy instead, right? I think that’s a fantastic idea.


    1. I want to try the Disappearing Nine Patch with 2 1/2″ sashing, mostly because I don’t have the 1 1/2″ die and I have a TON of strips already cut. 😛

      And yeah, exactly. on the sample quilts. It feels good to let them go.


  2. So glad your baby got the help she needed. Sounds like a wonderful trip.
    Project Linus is starting their annual mystery quilt challenge, and it’s a bear this year! Just saying.
    Love the flower pattern. You’ll have fun (and learn) from the FM book!
    I always love anything that looks like stained glass, so the disappearing 9-patch really pleases me.
    I remember All Dolled Up and Ready to Play…still just love them. Some kids are going to be very happy with those. The princesses are adorable (like your Sunbonnet Sues). Great work.
    Pretty soon you’ll feel like you’re in a brand new house. That’s exciting.

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