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TTMT #52 Retreat/Harry Potter

7 thoughts on “TTMT #52 Retreat/Harry Potter

  1. Those dolls are adorable!!! I just love them. My grand babies would completely lay claim to them, and I have a hard time saying It sounds like the retreat was a huge hit!


  2. Those make-and-takes are precious! Great work. What a fun time for you. I am a HUGE Astro’s fan, because I grew up in Louisiana and we don’t have a pro baseball team. Then I moved to Houston and was dating the Chaplain to the Astros (and Rockets, and Oilers, etc.). He introduced me to the game, taught me all the rules, and had GREAT seats! I am a fan for life!
    OHHHHHHH the jelly rolls! Been waiting to see what you were going to do! The white is perfect with it, and the binding will be awesome! I’m so impressed and happy that you have it pieced.
    I can’t believe how big your temperature blanket is!! Very nice. Love how you can see Wisconsin in it. Really fun.
    The $5 quilt sounds fun. You do the most interesting things. Cute block. I like the ombre fabric for that project. Saturday, during my shop-hop, I was looking the perfect purple for an LSU quilt and found it. Then the lady helping me said, “Um, do you know that it’s ombre?” She opened it up, and not much of it was the purple I wanted after all. So we found another one. But for your project, it IS perfect.
    That bunny is so cute! It’s going to make a child in a painful transition SOOOO happy! Cute Octopus, too.
    That’s so nice to meet someone who discovered Sewhooked. I have introduced several friends to Fandom in Stitches. Really neat.
    I will check out the Dresden books! Thanks for the recommendation.
    You had a GREAT week. Hope this next one is just as fun for you.


  3. Sounds like you’ve had a wonderful week! You’re temperature blanket is coming along nicely. Many people have given up on theirs by this point. That little bit of Wisconsin is so sweet.

    Fun make and take projects. I’ve seen the scissor holder online many times and I have wondered how hard It was to sew through all those layers.

    That octopus is adorable!


  4. The quilt retreat sounds like fun!

    Oh how fun to see your temperature blanket again! These kinds of blankets and quilts are such a neat exercise.

    Love the octopus – so cute!


  5. Oh yay jelly roll swap top! It looks fantastic! I still have not even picked a final pattern for mine. Go you! That’s fantastic.

    And your temp blanket is looking fantastic too!

    Wow that is so fun that you ran into a stranger making Jennifer’s blocks. We are everywhere! 😉


  6. Your retreat sounds so fun! I like the make & take projects. How fun and useful!

    Oh, I love your jelly roll quilt! It really shows all the fabrics so well.

    The temperature blanket is coming along so well. You’re going to have some bright blocks for the next few weeks!

    That octopus! I’ve got a couple of friends making them and they are so cute.

    I love your close encounter with a Harry Potter paper piecer! It is indeed a very small world, isn’t it?!

    I LOVE the Dresden files. Believe it or not, there are about 12 or 13 books! The audiobooks are so very good. James Marsters is a brilliant narrator.


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