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TTMT #106 Pull up a Chair

4 thoughts on “TTMT #106 Pull up a Chair

  1. The black background is wonderful. It does really make the colors pop. I tend to lean to the darker colors for the same reason. I usually use the lighter fabrics if I’m gonna gift it. White just doesn’t work in my house.

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  2. Oh, I think the thin black borders outside more colors is just what that needs! Still loving the black. Really makes it. I like white when I see it, but always hesitate to put a lot of it into a quilt. Same reasons as yours. I’m getting a little more comfortable with it this year–doing a lot of things I didn’t do in the past the week. It’s a new-found freedom.
    I have really enjoyed sharing your quilts this July.

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  3. The black really makes those colors pop. I do remember those fabrics, in fact I got some in a bag of scraps I bought back when I was first starting to quilt and was building my stash.


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