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7/30/2019- No Video

Hey Y’all

This is what’s happening with me. 👇🏻We should be completely out of our NC house today. We will spend the night locally & have dinner with friends before heading to out tomorrow. Hope everyone is well. I’m watching videos when I have time. Hope to be posting again by September but we shall see.

Happy Crafting

11 thoughts on “7/30/2019- No Video

  1. I am late watching this and know you are safe in Katy. I actually had a roommate in college before Jennifer that was from Katy. We still get in touch every now and then. You new home looks fabulous and maybe we can all see each other in the next year or so!


    1. Thanks I really loved my NC house but I love this one just as much for different reasons.

      I would love to get a meet up going. I know I’m looking into going to Quilt Con in Austin next February. I was gonna see who else maybe game?


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