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TTMT #84 – My haul from the first week of this year’s Shop Hop

10 thoughts on “TTMT #84 – My haul from the first week of this year’s Shop Hop

  1. Looks like you found lots of fun stuff! One day I’d like to do a shop hop, but I guess I kind of do my own sometimes, haha.

    Anyway, that lace is super pretty. And what a great idea for doing a balcony railing without piecing a balcony railing.


    1. A do-it-yourself shop hop is fun, too. Having 5 other quilts along made it super fun. Going north this Saturday with 3 of the same ladies. The nice thing about the annual shop-hop is all the deals and goodies you get. You are welcome to come visit next year and go with me.

      I think the lace is pure genius–it looks like wrought iron and making that in paper piecing would be almost impossible due to the loss of detail.


      1. The upside to doing a real shop hop for sure is the deals! I did my own mini two shop hop yesterday haha and bought far too much fabric (because I.Do.Not.Need.More.Of.Anything!),.. it’s a good thing I didn’t keep going down the road and hit up any of the others in that neighbourhood.

        I would love to come down there someday. I suspect I’d melt in the heat down there haha but it would be a lot of fun.


        1. It’s kinda the opposite of winter…we are not outside except from the building to the car and back. And that’s just when it’s REALLY hot. You are certainly welcome to visit me any time. It did help to check out the stores online before I left so I knew what I wanted at each store. Of course, I was hooked in by additional stuff, but I didn’t go much over my budget both weekends.


    1. Yes, I’ve been wanting The French Quarter patterns for months. The second trip isn’t until this coming Saturday (8/3). I’m going to try to show some restraint, but I know we’ll have fun!


  2. Wow that is quite a haul! Our Shop stroll is just two days in August. I think it’s next weekend maybe. I wish ours lasted longer, then maybe I could make it to all the shops for once.


    1. That would be hard. I barely made it, because it’s two weekends, but it’s Friday and Saturday. Because I work, that leaves me with 2 Saturdays to go 100 miles in 2 directions, plus shopping time and lunch/sightseeing time. Two days is not enough. Have fun!


    1. I’ve been wanting that one for MONTHS! I’m so happy I have it. Would I would really like to do is finish that one (I’ll probably make 2) and then make a similar one with the historic buildings in Downtown Baton Rouge. My brother’s office building is a few hundred years old (3-story Victorian downtown complete with a canon in the front yard), and I think they would look great there together. We’ll see. I’m hoping to get some less-challenging things finished so I can focus on that for a while.

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