TTMT Video

epicly long video…

You have been warned….


4 thoughts on “epicly long video…

  1. Oh my gosh, girl, now I am weepy! I love how much your sisters love the quilt and I LOVE that you talked about Magic All Around. I knew you would appreciate that particular quilt and that’s what really matters to me. ♥

    I’m so amazed and proud of your efforts at fitness and it is so completely awesome that you started running just to be able to run with your sister!


  2. Some weeks several of us get nothing done. Other weeks several of us get too much done. This week, it seems to be long video week. Those Monday holidays throw my whole week off!
    Yes, you did tell us about the baby! Exciting!
    What a FABULOUS, BEAUTIFUL gift! Just awesome. I love hearing stories about our friends helping each other!
    I’ve always loved Jennifer O’s Sunbonnet Sue patterns. That is a beautiful piece, and such a touching gift! I’ve so happy for you.
    Running?!?!? I’m SOOOO impressed! Speed isn’t important, and it’s okay to hate it. I’m so happy you’re doing this! I’ve been listening to my doctor more, and need to do something. I am losing some weight right now, and hope to start running when I lose about 10 more pounds (I know, running would help, but the weight loss would really make the running easier for me). You will be an inspiration to me (in addition to Jennifer R who already motivates me). Your body is going to LOVE you.
    Missed you, and good to see you again.


  3. I’m super late watching these videos, but it’s so good to see and hear you again! I’m super proud of your health and fitness journey. You’ve done amazing things and more are around the corner, I’m sure!

    What a fantastic gift for your sister’s family. Y’all kept that a super sekkrit project indeed. It’s something that baby will have forever. Just lovely.


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