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TTMT #530 – I Had “A Week”

I didn’t explain about this “I had ‘a week’ ” business in the video, partly because it would have taken too long to explain and I’m trying very hard to be positive.

Last week, I inadvertently damaged my mid-arm. I’m driving it up to Temple tomorrow to the closest Grace dealer so it can be repaired without invalidating the warranty. I’m taking a friend and we’re visiting a couple of quilt stores after we drop it off. Making lemonade here!

We also had our credit card skimmed, probably at a gas station during our road trip, but our bank has taken care of it, so, you know, a fresh start. That does, however, mean that I’m visiting quilt stores tomorrow without a credit card, so that’s probably a good thing. 😉

There’s more, but I feel like that is more than enough to explain!


13 thoughts on “TTMT #530 – I Had “A Week”

  1. Ack I didn’t know about the card skimming. That sucks! Gas stations are the worst. They need more security and cameras. My heart goes out to you about the midarm. Ugh. Breakages are bad enough but nothing hurts worst that knowing we did it to ourselves and we just want to hit ourselves over the head with a frying pan. Argh. You are making a herculean effort to stay positive and I love that you are giving yourselves a mini shop hop to help make the trip happier and bearable.

    I LOVE that orphan block quilt so much and it looks like the entire thing was put together by design, not from orphan blocks. It’s fantastic. I wish I had your eye for that sort of thing.

    I’ll be road tripping with you in spirit tomorrow. ((hugs))


    1. You were in the middle of the fridge crisis when we realized, so I figured you had enough to deal with. Fortunately, they only made one giant charge to DoorDash, which we’ve never used. I get charge notifications on my phone, so I knew right away. Our bank took care of it immediately.

      Thank you! I love the orphan block quilt, too. Those “instant quilts” are always good for my soul. ♥

      Ghost of Road Trip future, I love it! *glomps*


  2. Nice quilts for Linus!
    I’m sorry about your week. Don’t you just hate it when a bunch of not-so-pleasant things happen at once? I hope this week is full of all pleasant things.


    1. I love getting pretty tops that I just have to quilt in the mail! Great practice for me, great quilts for Linus!

      It being the week after such a good vacation was a bit of insult to injury! So far, this week has been better.


  3. When I read mid-arm, I thought it was real arm acting up again!! I was so relieved. lol Have fun with your boy!! I don’t think any of those blocks came from me. The quilt looks great.


  4. Ugh that is a week! I’m sorry about your mid arm and the card skimming. I really hope you get the machine fixed & up running fast.

    Love the sweet Linus quilt behind you.

    Ugh R & B starts so soon. I’m sure I won’t be up and running for the start of it. Hopefully I can dive in late August. I have been hoping for this QAL for years!

    Almost a Texan again 😁

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    1. You had me at “almost a Texan” ♥!

      It was A Week, but I’m dealing with the nonsense and it’ll be okay. Working on Linus quilts has definitely helped.

      You know the drill…those patterns are going anywhere, get to them when you can!


      1. Lol I’m a mix of sad and excited. I’m super excited for all that is ahead of us but sad about what I’m leaving.

        Sewing always helps! Hopefully it’s all moving in the right direction now.

        I know they will be there. I just love sewing along with friends.

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  5. I’m sorry you had a week. My week has been better than the last, but just too LONG for me (and it’s Wednesday). Hopefully, we’ll be back on track soon. Love the shirt — great memories on that highway.
    Great to see the finished Linus quilts. Fun POD orphans from Julie. Still love the red, black, teal.
    I hadn’t seen the disappearing 9-patch with sashing. I love that pattern! Can’t wait to see how yours turns out.
    Even while having a week, you are just producing such beautiful things!
    I’m so excited that your son will be visiting. I expect his insertion of his own kind of quirkiness to show in your videos, as usual. You’ll have so much fun.
    Great to see you…now off with you to have a better week.


  6. The Linus quilts are really great! The orphan block one turned out really neat.. amazing what you can do with some random blocks from random places, isn’t it?

    Hope you enjoyed (are enjoying?) the time with your son!


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