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TTMT #51 Finally a Video


The organization in the Valley is Southwest Good Samaritan Ministries.

6 thoughts on “TTMT #51 Finally a Video

  1. Your shirt is perfect for you!

    Love the basket, it’s really cute.

    Would you mind sharing the name of the group you’re donating your sweet small things through? Linus has had a number of requests for information on where to go to help the children and I would like to be able to have a place we can trust to send people to. Thanks!


    1. Southwest Good Samaritan Ministries is the name of the group.
      You can look at the page to see the items they need. This is sponsored by the denomination I grew up in. My dad knew Filiberto and Rich and I have met him, too. He has an amazing story and does amazing work down there.

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  2. LOVE the chrocheted baskets! The giant granny square is just beautiful…she’s going to love it.

    The shirt is GREAT! I think it is wonderful that you are sending things to the border. Those kids don’t even have clothes, so something that is “theirs” to keep will mean a lot to them.

    Great to see you!


    1. Those baskets are beautiful! And the granny square blanket will be much loved.
      I’m glad you had a good time on your trip and enjoyed family time.
      Those small items for the children are wonderful.


  3. I am sooooo far behind, but trying to catch up now. I love your shirt!

    Your baskets are really cute.

    I agree, it’s so sad what’s happening and anything we can do to make things better for those children I think is a good thing.


  4. The baskets are very nice.. I especially like the second holey one… very neat.

    The shirt is fantastic .. suits you perfectly.

    The issues at the border are just awful… I’m sure I hear much less up here than you would down there, but what we do hear about is really terrible. It’s great to hear about any group that’s trying to help alleviate some of the suffering in whatever what they can.


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