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No video this week (probably)

It’s been kind of a crazy roller coaster the last few days, including having to order an unplanned new fridge Sunday morning. We weren’t expecting them to be able to deliver it so quickly (TODAY) so sunday was spent in a frantic bit of moving the old fridge and furniture to make it easier to get it out and the new one in, and also clean in the corner the fridge calls home. So and right now the Project Room (and my back and my brain!) are in utter chaos, and I probably won’t record a video this week. However, I can update you on the Memorial Quilt for my friend DeAnn. I finished piecing the top, but the 12″ solid pink squares just really bug me, being so big and empty, so I decided to do some hand embroidery in them. Nothing super fancy, just some lyrics from a song by her all time favorite artist that also seems appropriate for what this quilt represents.

That’s what’s up here in Burque*


*Burque: Slang/abbreviation for the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. Thought to have originated from the original spelling of the city “Alburquerque”, which was named for the city in Spain. Pronounced Boor-keh



9 thoughts on “No video this week (probably)

  1. A dying appliance is never fun. There are a few good things that came from It though. Now you won’t have to clean that corner again for awhile. Although you had to run around like crazy It was pretty nice that they got you a new fridge so quickly.


    1. I was shocked they were delivering it basically 24 hours after ordering it online. My back is already starting to recover, thankfully, and I can get back to putting everything back to where it belongs.


  2. After 9 days without power, I have lights in HALF my house. No one knows why. So, the bedrooms and bath, but no power in the kitchen or living (actual SEWING) room. No cooking, no sewing, no laundry…what’s the point? I’m still at my brother’s until they figure it out. I mention this because I pulled my fridge out to unplug it and will have to clean underneath it before I move it back and plug it in. AND, my sewing (yes, I have many, but this is my workhouse that I use every day) and my fridge were blinking and making weird noises before I unplugged them, so I’m worried that one or both of them has shorted out. The sewing machine is on the same outlet that fried my router with lightening (new surge protector, though). I’m trying not to think about replacing either, but we’ll see soon.
    Although it was rushed, I bet it was worth it. You’ll be settled into what you call normal before you know it.
    Thanks for checking in, with or without a video.


      1. Thanks. We did replace the breaker box rather than put the old one back up, since it was old and torn off the house. That’s good because now at some point we can split up my kitchen appliances. This is a temporary house until mine gets renovated, but that’s on hold. It’ll be okay. The wiring should be good, but we’ll see. My brother is in charge of such things.


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