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TTMT 7-17-19: I’m getting to Sesame Street

10 thoughts on “TTMT 7-17-19: I’m getting to Sesame Street

  1. I have loved seeing your blocks, you have been prolific! And you are very welcome for the song. I have loved Sesame Street and The Muppets my whole life and I know way too many of the songs, so I am happy to share.

    Your chair sounds like mine. My hubby always knows when I’m sewing because of the squeak!

    I do enjoy seeing your hubby’s paintings. They are just lovely.


    1. My kids grew up with Sesame Street and Electric. I think that is why they were so good in school – had a great foundation from those two shows.

      My hubby has been doing so well with his paintings and makes me so proud.

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  2. You have made so much progress on your Sesame Street and Muppet Show blocks! The sparkly grunge is a fantastic choice for the background.

    I really love seeing your husbands paintings when you post them on FB. He is really talented, just like his wife!


    1. I love the sparkly grunge and I’m having fun with this quilt.
      Tim is one of those people who can do pretty much anything he sets his mind too. He plays multiple instruments, paints, sketches, sings and has been known to write a few songs.


  3. Can you tell me how to get…how to get to Sesame Street?
    Those blocks are just still so danged cute! That’s a LOT of blocks so far. I don’t think you can have too many Big Birds. How big are your blocks?
    I get those same bins and use them for EVERYTHING! I number my projects and my bins and keep all my projects separate in bins. Really helpful.
    I’ve been seeing Tim’s paintings online, and understand why you are so proud.
    I’ve been 9 days without power, so no new blocks here. My last day with power I made a Minions quilt for Project Linus, and can’t even get that quilted (Molly’s house has power) until I deal with the problems going on over there.
    Great to see you and just keep up the great work!

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  4. The blocks are 10″ square. I think it will be at least 4 X 6. I think with sashings and borders that might make a twin size. ‘

    I am so sorry you are still having power outages. I know you are getting antsy to get back to your sewing/quilting.


    1. For a twin size, I usually aim for about 70″ x 90″.

      If you put in 20 10″ blocks (4×5), with 2″ sashing all around and a 6″ border all around, you will get to 58″ x 70″.

      If you use 30 blocks (5×6), with 2″ sashing and 6″ borders, you will be at 70″ x 82″. This would lie flat under the pillows. If you want it to go over the pillows, you could add another row (35 blocks).

      If you use 30 blocks, 3″ sashing, and a 6″ border, you’ll be at 70″ x 90″.

      Just a little math…if it helps.

      It’s going to be AMAZING!


  5. I loved Sesame Street and the Electric Company as a child too. Your blocks looks amazing and you’ve gotten so many done.

    I use those containers for the scraps I’ve trimmed down.


  6. Oh my gosh I love all the Seasame Street blocks. I’ll email all things muppets!

    I’m so behind on videos I haven’t seen all this work you’ve done. The background fabric is perfect.

    Tim’s paintings are really fantastic. It’s wonderful to see them.

    Happy Crafting


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