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TTMT #529 – Vacation Brain

I am definitely behind on watching videos, but I will get there! Please let me know if I’ve missed anything important. ♥

And, because I mentioned it in my video, The Batty Bat song:


3 thoughts on “TTMT #529 – Vacation Brain

  1. It was so awesome getting to hang out with you and have a little catchup. And I loved seeing all your pics and videos from your trip. Oh my, the Bearizona, I did not even know that existed! That looks really fun!

    Great job on the improv water bottle halter. I actually have one I bought from PatontheBack Fabrics at the first Japanese festival I went to. It even has a pocket or two. I love that it’s washable and can hold multiple sizes of water bottles.

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    1. Bearizona WAS AMAZING. If you ever need a road trip, I would definitely recommend it, especially since you’re so much closer to AZ than I am. SO FUN.

      If I’d had time, I might have added a pocket, but it was literally the last thing I did the day before we left! Eli’s water bottle sleeve has pockets. He bought his for camping, so it’s definitely more rugged, but I like my little quilted sleeve just fine, lol!


  2. I miss the road trips with my girls! At the beginning of each summer, I would drive one girl, the dogs, and the cats from Las Vegas to Minnesota, and at the end of the summer, I would drive them all back sometimes a different girl). I made sure to take a different route each time, and we saw SOOOO many great things. If they expressed any interest at all, we were stopping. GREAT memories.
    Perfect water bottle holder. So creative and great looking.
    Cute shirts. I haven’t stenciled since my last high-schooler (she just graduated from college). Fun when you need it, though.
    Batty Bat is adorable! I bet he’s a great waltzer. I love when a character appears in all the vacation photos. Miss that, too.
    I never got to Bearizona. Sounds fun. The bear is too cute with his little scarf.
    The new serger is going to be fun.
    I’m behind in the QYOA, and have now been without electrical power for 8 days. Hopefully fixed today. Molly has power at her house, but she’s having her own issues. I am LOST without my sewing. I could bring a machine to my brother’s (or use my mom’s old machine which is wonderful), but as you know, it’s more than the machine. Every day I think I don’t want all my cutting told and things over here because I’m going to have power any minute. So I’m just shut down. Still excited about the Peanuts quilt, though, and will get to it when I can.
    Great to have you home, but understand that you needed/wanted another week.

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