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TTMT #319 – jewells68 – July 16, 2019 – Blast from the Past

I originally planned to insert this into a video I would record today, but have decided in the interest of time (mostly MY time, lol) I would just use this footage from Friday, in which you’ll see the finished Red work/Bluework quilt for Project Linus, washed and ready to turn in, which I did this past Saturday. I’m right on track for my annual Project Linus goal of 12 for the year… 7th month – 7th quilt.

Thanks for watching and see you next week!

11 thoughts on “TTMT #319 – jewells68 – July 16, 2019 – Blast from the Past

    1. The piecing went fine, I generally spray (with homemade best press) the heck out of my squares when I am piecing, it was the quilting where I got the puckering, due to me not doing a great job basting the layers. But, thankfully, once it was washed most of the issues disappeared. I can’t imagine starching a finished quilt, but even if I wanted to I couldn’t starch a finished quilt for Linus because they have to be washed with no dye no fragrance and no fabric softener to help prevent allergic reactions.


    1. It was still snuggly and I tink some child will like it, so I’m cool with how it turned out. Lesson learned, though. Baste well! Or you are clenching your teeth throughout the entire quilting process and crossing your fingers when you wash the quilt.


  1. Impressive that you are on track!! I am almost finished with 3/12. Hopefully I’ll show it on Tuesday.
    What a beautiful redwork/bluework quilt!!! Someone’s going to be amazingly lucky to get that.
    Puckering is annoying. Glad the wash helped. The borders look like they were planned that way.


    1. Project Linus quilts are literally the ONLY thing for this year that are on track, but I’ll take what I can get. If I can stay up on at least one goal throughout the year I’m less stressed out and enjoying myself!


  2. Excellent job keeping on track with your Linus projects. I think the red and blue quilt looks awesome. I like the mixture of the two colors.


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