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An update for those asking about the hurricane.

SUNDAY UPDATE:  I have not power.  Not the neighborhood, just my house.  So I join the 50,000 residences in Louisiana without power.  My neighbor’s tree lost two huge limbs, the big one falling on the power line that goes from the telephone pole across the street to my house.  The limb was and the line still is in the street, and the “live” line is down in my front yard.  It ripped the breaker boxes off the house but stayed connected.  I lost power seemingly one outlet at a time through the house over a period of several hours.  So the tree truck came and cut the limb up and put it on the side of the road for a different truck to pick up one day.  The power truck hasn’t come yet.  All they will do is “cut” the power at the pole and open the street up to traffic.  Then I have to get an electrician to put the breaker boxes back on the house and certified it’s ready for new power.  I’ll probably get a bigger breaker box while we’re at it, so I can have the A/C and a counter-top appliance on at the same time (can you say Green Acres?).  The house was simply not built for my kind of cooking in the late 50’s.  So Ethel and I spent the night at my brother’s house.  She is in HEAVEN!   Apparently she had not seen carpet before (it’s in one room here) and spent hours rolling around on it.  My brother gets all of her attention we he’s around because he’s her favorite petter.  And there are tons more rooms than she’s used to AND an upstairs, so she is exhausted from exploring.  I’m back in the room I grew up in and have a bigger kitchen (I brought the contents of my fridge/feezer with me).  So we’ve upgraded.  We’re currently in a tornado watch (one hit 30 miles from here this morning), and those DO scare me, but the odds are in my favor so I’m good.  Just touching base with an update.

7 thoughts on “An update for those asking about the hurricane.

    1. The inconvenience doesn’t bother me. I just roll with things that I can’t change and don’t matter in the long run. I agree that the important thing is that we are safe and I am very fortunate to have a brother I didn’t even have to ask. While I appreciate the kind hope that we get back to normal soon–we try not to do too much normal in my house…it takes the fun out of life. But thank you for caring.


  1. Glad to know you are ok. Sucks about the electricity, but I totally get your old house woes. Mine was built around 1940. We bought a fancy huge microwave only to have to throw the breaker everytime we tried to use it while we were also making coffee, lol. Thankfully that microwave died and we replaced it with a cheaper smaller model from Target and now we can make coffee AND popcorn at the same time… like the jetsons! 😉


    1. I’m hoping to go from Green Acres to The Jetsons soon. While we are replacing the breaker boxes we might as well put the A/C units on their own breaker so that I can cook.


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