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TTMT #528 – 25th Anniversary Road Trip!


We’re still traveling, but I couldn’t resist sharing a tiny bit of our trip so far!

This one is a bit different because I did all the editing on my phone.



9 thoughts on “TTMT #528 – 25th Anniversary Road Trip!

  1. What a wonderful trip! So much fun. I remember sitting at the opening to Carlsbad when I was a girl and watching the bats fly out as the sun set. Your pictures are all wonderful. Can’t wait to see where else you went.

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  2. I’m so excited for you! Great to have Eli in the video. This was a fun one. I have been to the Grand Canyon 6 or 7 times and each time was like it was so new and amazing.
    You and Jewells are so cute together. Love the coffee-in-motion piece.
    Every time I’ve been there, we’ve taken the Grand Canyon Railway out of Williams. All the employees were cowboys. And the return had a great twist for the kids (the train robbery). In December the train becomes the Polar Express and the employees become elves. It can’t get all the way to the Grand Cayon so instead, it goes to the North Pole where you get to see Santa. The horses are all reindeer. What great memories.
    You are a fantastic cinematographer.
    Congrats to you two! My marriage ended about a month short of 25 years. So you have me beat. Keep it up! And continue to enjoy your fabulous anniversary trip.

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  3. I have been enjoying all the pics on Facebook. What a great trip for a great couple. Our 50th is in December. I’d love to do something special like a trip but it will probably be more like dinner with family and friends – which is still pretty darn special.

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