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TTMT#105-Some stuff

3 thoughts on “TTMT#105-Some stuff

  1. GREAT meandering! That wavy fabric in the border threw me for a second when you said “meander” and I saw “wavy lines” but I get it now. And that “contradiction” really is appealing. I have played on the Sweet 16 and really like it. That’s what I went to the store to purchase when I was offered the floor model of the Avante on a 12-foot frame for the same price. “Another quilt done!” is something I haven’t said in a while and want to say soon. Well done.
    September will be here before you know it, but I hope you can get it earlier! How exciting! ANd you have a space ready for her. It’s like waiting to get an adopted baby, huh?
    Taking scraps out for ANY reason (especially to organize, sort, or cut them) is always taking a HUGE risk. So you made blocks. That sounds right.
    Keep have fun. So good to see you.


  2. The meander looks great, I love a good all over meander to finish a quilt quickly. I also really love your fan blocks on the wall.
    I am sure you will be happy with your machine choice. If I liked the dealer here I would probably get a simply 16 myself. I know for sure I’ll be getting a new (8 foot or less) frame soon, even if I don’t get another machine at the same time. I missing finishing quilts quickly!


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