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TTMT #83 – Did what I said I wouldn’t do.

10 thoughts on “TTMT #83 – Did what I said I wouldn’t do.

  1. Love the new project! I’m the same way. I started two projects on Tuesday and they weren’t projects that were even on my radar. LOL!


    1. Yep. I have a long enough list for the year without giving in to this. Usually not more than one in a day, though! Can’t wait to see yours.


  2. “I had to do It because of the coupon” 😂. The coupon made me do It. Love It!! How could you not start the new pattern? It’s a beautiful quilt.


    1. Thanks. Nice that you understand. Yes, there’s a beautiful quilt in a QAL (1st addiction), and there was a coupon (2nd) and it’s a new project (3rd). I had no choice. We’ll see if I can actually finish it.


  3. Love the new project! I have the magazine it’s in and made myself not start it even though it looks excellent and I want to make it. I must not……. at least I can experience it through you, haha!


    1. I’m here for you! The FB group is what roped me in…and the coupon…and just being a new project. I couldn’t fight it. But, I’m here for you, my friend. You can follow along.


  4. The new project is a beautiful quilt, can’t blame you for giving and starting on it. And I love how excited you get while talking about how you are going to accomplish what you want to do.


    1. Thanks. I do get excited about new things. I am no longer in the same house as my sewing machines (Ethel and I upgraded to my brother’s until my breaker boxes get replaced), so I only have the 2 red blocks finished. But I’m still excited about it.


    1. Nothing can be done. It’s just give on or be miserable…and I always choose not to be miserable. At least here I know that I am not alone. Thanks for understanding.


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