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TTMT#103-Happy 3rd of July~

7 thoughts on “TTMT#103-Happy 3rd of July~

  1. Be careful what you wish for…
    Welcome to my dilemma. I was almost totally sold on the Eclipse quilter a year ago, but hesitated. Now it’s just simply out of my price range. I loved when I tried the new Janome longarm, and they have a 16in on a 5 ft hoop frame, similar to the Handi Simply 16 on the hoop frame and the Crown Jewel/Coronet on the 5 ft hoop frame.. Leah Day has been filming videos using a domestic (and her Qnique 15R) on the Grace Q-zone 4 foot hoop frame. Before I started watching those I was pretty sure I didn’t want that style of frame, but she’s definitely made me rethink that. She’s shown you don’t really have to truly baste your quilt before quilting it on that frame except for a few pins here and there, and that was the main reason I didn’t want it, because I thought I would have to keep basting my quilts. She has also shown that channel locks definitely make it easier to shift your quilt from left to right or right to left without losing your place when you are quilting one that is bigger than the hoop. So if I get that style of frame I definitely must have the channel locks.
    My favorite part of my traditional 3 rail 10 foot frame was never having to baste the quilt, and being able to quilt so much of the quilt in each pass. If I don’t get the hoop style frame I will get an 8 foot. I had a 10 foot in my 12 foot room and it was just too damn tight in there and that was just with my 9 in throat machine domestic machine. With a longer machine it will stick out further in the room and therefore I need it on the shorter frame.
    Long story short (too late!) you’ve really got to decide what you want most and what aspects of it are the most important to you. I will likely go with a 9-12in domestic machine on the hoop style frame due to investment and space limitations. It’s not ideal, but if it gets more of my quilts done faster, it’s totally worth it. I have not tried the Tin Lizzie, but I have tried the King Quilter and Queen Quilter from Sewing Machines plus and also the Nolting Funquilter, and I didn’t like them. They were clunky. The A1and Handi Simply16 were better but still not as good as my favorites. The smoothest and prettiest stitches I tried were on the Qnique 15R, Innova, Gammill, APQS machines, Eclipse 20, the new Janomes (not the older one called Artistic) and I loved the Juki long arm. OMG. The Juki and innova were probably my favorites after the APQS.
    I belong to a group on Facebook called “Longarm & Accessories 4 Sale” and I will say that having been on that group for 2+ years, a LARGE percentage of the gently used machines for sale are in New England. The closest ones to me are generally in AZ or TX or maybe California, and way too far to go. That being said, you could check with the dealers within a 2 hour radius of your home. I bet one or more of them take trade ins and then service those used machines and sell them including a frame. There is also a Quilting with Grace FB group moderated by Grace employees where you can get help with installation, troubleshooting, etc. with grace frames and or machines. Everyone there LOVES their 15Rs.
    Right now my plan is to see how empty I can get my sewing room, and if I can make enough space I’m getting an 8 foot frame, probably the Grace Qzone Queen 2 rail frame (unless I find a frame I like on craigs list locally, which believe me I check every day), because when I had my 3 rail frame I usually floated my batting and tops anyway and only use 2 rails anyway. I have seen it in person and it’s not as sturdy as some of the other frames, but I think it would work at least as well as the one I had before and this one would be new and I wouldn’t have to replace parts right away like I did with my old one. If I feel the space is just too tight I’ll order the Qzone hoop frame and make it work. As for the machine, I’ve learned the hard way that the grace speed controls don’t like 3 prong machines like my pfaff, so I’ll have to get another machine. That decision is still in limbo, but if I do buy another machine it will likely be another 9 inch domestic unless I stumble across a stitch regulated midarm on craigs list or ebay.
    Just ask Jennifer, I have been THOROUGHLY researching this subject and testing machines for well over 2 years now. When we went to Houston festival I was trying EVERYTHING I could find, lol. I’m sure she is sick of hearing about it, lol.

    Sorry you asked yet? 😉

    Moving on (FINALLY, lol) I LOVE your curved piecing, both the pp and traditional. I bought a craftsy class on curved piecing and watched some of it but haven’t actually tried any yet. But I so love how it looks and yours looks fantastic!


    1. Talk to your local HandiQuilter dealer (mine is a local quilt shop). She replaces her floor models every 2 years at a seriously discounted price, from the Sweet Sixteen all the way up. See what they have that will be coming on the market soon to be replaced by the “latest and greatest”. My deal came with a full warranty, she guaranteed my computer for 2 years (store guarantee), and it was freshly cleaned and serviced. It only had a million stitches on it (they can handle many more years than that). Free delivery and installation with hours of training and I can call her any time with questions. When the timing went out, she came across town to my house and spent an hour fixing it (free of charge). Just saying…worth asking about…you may be able to afford more machine than you realize.


      1. Thanks Mary! My guy said he’d give me the quilt show price any time. What model did you end up with? I’m going to go to the basement today and see what kind of room I can make!


        1. I got the Avante. LOVE it. She barely fits, but I have her “straight” along a wall. You can put them at an angle through the middle of the room (like cutting a HST) if the walls aren’t quite big enough.


        2. I got Molly, with the 12′ frame and the computer with ProStitcher and Art and Stitch (to design embroidery and quilting) for what it was going to cost me to buy the Sweet 16 with the 6′ frame.


  2. Hey, Tuesdays are easy to forget.
    So glad you enjoyed the festival. I’ve been following your classes and you did so well! I did the New York Beauty years ago and loved it. Her extra touch is excellent! I think this is why you’ve been saving your Tula Pinks–they are perfect.
    The orange one would make a cute pillow or a placemat or a table topper.
    The curved piecing is amazing. It always seems impossible to me because we get so used to sewing straight lines! I have limited experience with it, but when I have decided to add a curbed piece because it just needed to be there, or the pattern says it will work, it works just fine despite the fact that I still believe it is impossible. That one looks really fun and beautiful. That would be so cute in red and white like peppermints.
    The checkerboard looks difficult. I haven’t seen one like that before. It reminds me of Alice in Wonderland if it was done in black/white.
    When I bought my HandiQuilter, the 10′ and the 12′ frames were the same price. You can “add on” to them. So I thought that if the 12′ didn’t fit (it barely does) then I could just make it a 10′. I would price the next size up and see if it may be worth getting a longer one and not using it all yet, because I am thinking adding on may cost more down the road. Worth asking. I play with the Sweet Sixteen at my LQS and really like it. The people I know with them love them. I am really the only person who didn’t absolutely love my LA (trying to sell it in Minnesota). Most people try them all and find one they love and get it. They’re each a little different, but mostly just what you learn on is what you love. If you are interested in an older used one, let me know and I’ll send you photos of the one I need to sell. It is in Minnesota, though. It breaks down pretty small and you could fly there, rent a small truck or big car and drive it home. Or take your camper and make a fun trip out of it.
    That body pillow is adorable! Love the checkered ends.
    Please know that you are always welcome to come to Baton Rouge and quilt your own quilt on my Molly. Any time.


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