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TTMT #82 – A show and a tell.

When I talk about the “border” I’m going to put on the kitties I mean “bInding.”. It’s been 26 days since my car took a swim, and the auto-transport driver did finally call and I should get my new one tonight.

10 thoughts on “TTMT #82 – A show and a tell.

    1. Thanks. I did finally get it last night. I couldn’t pass up on the kitties. And there will be another different one soon.


  1. The kitties look quite sweet… I wouldn’t fix that sideways block, I can’t imagine too many people would even notice that it’s not oriented right.

    Good news about the car!


    1. Thanks. I was thinking he looks okay standing up. They like to roll over and go up and down with those yarn balls (I don’t have yarn balls for my cats, but this is what I picture). I appreciate your input. I can turn it if I need to, I just need confirmation that I’m not just being lazy. I appreciate your help.


  2. Yay for finished kitties! They are super cute. I do agree a border will pull the busyness together. It’ll be fun to see it quilted.

    I’m so pleased that you have a local blanket charity now! One of my jobs at the charity I volunteer for is blanket distribution and I can tell you with confidence that all ages like all things. A lot of times the blankets go to places where the kids get to choose their own which makes it easier to make what you like and know a kid out there somewhere will love it, too. 🙂

    I hope your car showed up!


    1. I’m happy with the kitties.

      Good information to know. Thanks.

      My car DID show up. The delivery window was 3:00-4:30 and the drive called me at almost 6:00. I’m happy now. I couldn’t justify UBERing to the quilt shop across town and back (I did go while I had my rental, though).

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  3. You know what’s funny? I bought Minion fabric today…for my husband. He’s been putting Minion GIFs on everything. I asked him why and he said, “I like ’em”. But I do understand what you mean about teenagers. Cute kitty quilt. What do you quilt on?


    1. See, adults and kids like Minions. Teenagers, maybe. I’ll see what the fabric looks like, and as Jennifer suggested, just make something I like and trust that someone else will like it. Can’t wait to see what you do with your Minions. I made some cute greeting cards with them a while back. They’re just fun.

      I like the kitties. First time I bought blocks from anyone, just saw them and thought I could use them. I quilt on a HandiQuilter longarm.


  4. The kitties look fantastic. I think a narrow black or grey border would calm things down enough to add a bigger red one if you want.

    Another note on the minions, some of the charities our Project Linus works with have teens with developmental disabilities, so we make all styles in all sizes. We might even do one with baby zoo animals or something in a teen size. I say a teen size minion quilt would be greatly appreciated. We tend to get a glut of baby sized and then run out of larger sizes too soon.


    1. The kitties may need some taming, and those are great ideas.
      Thanks for the info on Linus. I’m thinking a larger Minions that’s a little more mature would be good. I had a feeling the older kids may not be as attractive to make and there would be need.


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