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TTMT #65 | Diversity Dolls | 07/02/2019

Hi All!

Can you believe it? I actually recorded, edited AND uploaded my video all in one day… ON THE RIGHT DAY no less! lol The heat has come straight from blazes and we have been hiding inside!

Here is a look at what I have done this week – and I actually finished something! (mainly because it was part of a gift for a party over the weekend)

Now that it is July, I really need to focus and get more sewing done. September will be here in no time and I want to have a good selection of items for the vendor booth!

Happy 4th! I will be inside with my earplugs in… we have a neighbor that sets off at least 2 explosions daily… ALL YEAR LONG, So you can imagine what Thursday will be like!


6 thoughts on “TTMT #65 | Diversity Dolls | 07/02/2019

  1. I remember in 1st grade we had a doll house. There were dolls just like those. I loved to play with them. That was 61 years ago. I still love them. They are coming along nicely,.


  2. I love that basket. It is huge!!

    Oh my gosh, I love the peg people! They are all so different and are really fantastic. I can’t believe how much you’ve gotten done. I love the gal with the bun. That’s how I wear my hair almost every day, though mine is definitely not that perky. The facial hair and the tie! They are all so good.


  3. It was 98 degrees here today, so I know what you mean.
    LOVE the people! Like a small village. They are so cute.
    Great to see you.


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