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TTMT #50 Lots of Starts

7 thoughts on “TTMT #50 Lots of Starts

  1. Love the monsters… super cute.
    That cocoon looks really interesting. I wonder what they’re like to use… I suppose it’s just like a baby-sized sleeping bag though.

    The afghan looks wonderful. Love the granny square, it’s fun like that!


  2. The strip squares (a modified rail fence, I think) are adorable. Great fabrics.
    Claude is cute. I think closet monsters are all one color because it’s dark in there and you usually just get a silhouette effect. BUT, that may just be the ones in my closet. I’m no expert on ALL closet monsters. Those guys just get cuter every week. Harold is a houseplant monster? I’ve never had one of those! Wait…the avocado tree in my kitchen is throwing its leaves off of one side only right now for no reason…may I DO have one.
    The cocoon is pretty. A baby in a bag! Who knew that was legal? It looks perfectly snuggly for a little one.
    This week’s hat is beautiful (as are they all) and that blue baby blanket is wonderful! The whites stripes perfectly frame it. You are so talented.
    A crocheted basket! Amazing!
    Hope you’re seeing much better by now. I anticipated eye surgery in my future, too.


  3. You’ve been working on a bit of everything this week. You’re monsters always have so much character. I think Claude would handsome with a tie. He looks like he might work in an office.


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