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TTMT #102 Christmas in July

8 thoughts on “TTMT #102 Christmas in July

  1. Have you tried using batting as your foundation for string quilts? I have thought about trying but haven’t got around to it yet. I figure then I could use up some smaller leftover batting, so it’s a win win.

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    1. I did make a couple blocks last year using cotton batting as the foundation and I loved It. I think since we generally use scrap strips of fabric for string blocks that using scrap batting is a natural choice. String blocks come in all sizes but I think for me I wouldn’t mind if I had to piece a couple pieces of batting for a 12.5” block. It only takes a couple seconds to frankenpiece batting.


  2. Love you string quilt. I also don’t care for foundation piecing. However if i were intentionally making a “summer throw” that may be the way to go. Better chance of it holding up to constant washing.

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  3. I’ve always struggled with Christmas in July. There’s always so much other stuff going on that I can’t quite wrap my head around it. Christmas in August, maybe!

    I look forward to seeing your finishes. Your To Quilt pile must be a mile high!

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    1. My to be quilted pile is much higher than I’m willing to admit 😉. I think right now the basting is what’s holding me back. I’ll have to do a marathon basting session because once I get down on the floor it may take me awhile to get back up 😂

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  4. Oh…thanks for letting me know that half the year is gone. Never to return. I hadn’t realized that. That Time thing again.
    Do I know what you mean that quilt tops “just need to be finished”? HA! I don’t like to think about that, either. I am still committed to finishing SO MANY of my UFOs this year, but I keep starting more, so there’s just more and more to finish. Make it stop!!!
    LOVE the white inner borders on the string quilt. Never thought of that. I’m not a big fan of foundation fabric (prefer paper). I haven’t done any string piecing that big. I use scraps and end up with placemats or something smaller.
    I do Christmas whenever the mood strikes me, so all year long and then not.
    Thanks for sharing.

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