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TTMT #64 | #daycarelife | 06/25/2019

Hi All

Sorry for the long video – guess it’s like last week and this week combined.

Have a Creative week!

4 thoughts on “TTMT #64 | #daycarelife | 06/25/2019

  1. The basket is looking good. Sounds like life has gotten kind of hectic. but it’s great that you are working so hard to keep the germs at bay as much as possible.


  2. Oh my goodness, I was cracking up at the drool puddles! My kiddos lived in bibs during the Age of Drool because you’re right. Ick!

    I love when someone asks where you got a thing that you made. That is fantastic. Your mom’s bag is so great!

    I saw the title for thsi week’s video so I need to get over and watch it to see how your dolls are coming along!

    That yarn is huge! Oh my goodness!


  3. You are certainly busy. Teaching is a lot of work! I’ve not taught below 4 year olds so I’ve not had to deal with drool. Colds from going to school always happen no mater when a kid starts school. I got sick my first few years of teaching. Then about every 4-5 years I’d have another round of colds getting used to the newest germs. After 40 years I don’t get sick very often. I think it’s from all those germs over the years! lol
    I love seeing all the things you make. it’s amazing!


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