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TTMT 6/26/19: Funny Faces

I haven’t made a video this week but I have made 3 new Funny Faces blocks:  Big Bird, Cookie Monster and The Count to keep Elmo company.  I have Oscar ready to go and Bert & Ernie waiting in the wings.  I hope to have those done for next week.

The paper is still on the blocks, they haven’t been trimmed and pressed so they look a mess, but in person they don’t look too bad.

Thinking about all of you!!!  IMG_20190626_192144

6 thoughts on “TTMT 6/26/19: Funny Faces

  1. Your blocks looks great! I always leave the majority of the paper on until the entire top is pieced. I only remove paper in bulky seam areas to help them press more easily.


  2. Hey, we’re quilters! We see this pre-pressed stage every day. They look perfect to me. That quilt is going to be one of my very favorites! Keep up the great work.


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