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TTMT: 26 June 2019

My camera was SO crooked and I didn’t even realize.  While I’m posting this, it’s still processing, so probably can’t be watched yet. Hopefully it’ll be up soon.

11 thoughts on “TTMT: 26 June 2019

  1. I love the blocks with the Dresdens. That is going to be fabulous.

    Your fmq is always amazing. I love how you finished the ugly cat border quilt. The baby quilt in greens is yummy. I love the fabric.

    There’s been a lot of this Rough Year business going on. I’d love a TTMT get together so we could have one massive group hug. ♥

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  2. Well we have missed you and it’s great to see and hear you again. And you have gotten some stuff done so good for you! I actually like the kitty border, but I like it even more now that the quilt is finished. You quilting looks amazing on both of those quilts!

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  3. I don’t see the camera so much as “crooked” as a “slanty edge” which is great.
    That’s a lot of beautiful blocks. In the APQ QAL I finished February. I keep telling myself I’ll catch up. We’ll see. Your quilting is beautiful. I love how you say, “In that time, of course, I finished some things.” I can’t see those words ever coming out of my mouth. Finishing is my problem.
    The patchwork is so cute! You do such a great job of turning a simple pattern into a masterpiece with your quilting. I am reluctantly starting to machine bind and I’m not loving it yet, but it’s becoming okay.
    You’ve been very busy and productive.
    I think the year WILL get better! Great to see you (on any day/month you are available).

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    1. My big goal with the APQ thing was to finish more than I finished last year, and I think I finished 2 last year, so at 3 I’m doing as good as I hoped, haha 😀 I’d like to get at least a couple more of the easy ones done if I can, but we will see!

      I don’t love machine binding at all, but you can’t beat it for speed, that’s for sure! It’s not so bad with the flange because the stitching line is more hidden on the front, but it’s still visible on the back and I don’t love that. I’m a bit fussy about things like that, though. I’d rather take the time to do it right (by hand) most of the time… I had pretty mixed feelings about that quilt though (because it was for a commission for someone who I know didn’t appreciate the amount of time it took, but is a friend that I was willing to do this for once ever) so I def wasn’t going to put in the time to hand bind it. (And if I’d been smart, I’d have quilted it on the grid and not bothered with the FMQ. But I enjoy FMQ enough that I did it even though it was more time consuming.)


      1. I do like the flange, and tried that when I saw it come out a while back. A lot of my quilting ends up on the wall so I don’t care about the back as much. As I see more and more quilters switching to machine binding (mostly because of age-related pains) I’m starting to get used to the extra stitching on the back.
        On ones I don’t really expect my quilting to be truly appreciated, I get to make the decision on whether I just get it done nicely or I spend the time really enjoying myself. I like that option.


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