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TTMT #526 – Quilt Seeds

I had an entirely different cat cameo recorded for this week, but it would not import. Maybe next week!


12 thoughts on “TTMT #526 – Quilt Seeds

  1. Oh wow, I saw the Stop Voldemort photo and thought you had probably updated the pattern… no it’s an awesome new throw pillow! What a great use of an orphan test block!

    I so love the idea of you sowing (or “sewing” lol) quilt seeds throughout the nation. That’s a great way to look at it. If I ever do that again I’ll steal your idea.


    1. I did update the pattern after she tested, but I had no idea she was making me a cushion. I love it so much!

      I’m so delighted to be able to start completely over with my scrap collection. I am going to try to keep them more organized moving forward. The first time I sorted my fledgling collection was for my HP quilt. The second time I sorted it, and when it moved into the color-coded plastic dressers was when I made your 40th birthday quilt! There are probably fabrics from your quilt mixed in there!


  2. I think your pocket idea is brilliant! Women’s pants have such short pockets.

    Wonderful way to clean out some of your scraps while helping others to add to their paper piecing stash.


    1. Thanks! I’m wearing those jeans today and they are so much better! I am definitely a “stick things in my pockets” girl!

      I am so happy to be able to share my quilt scraps, it really does feel like paying it forward after that wonderful quilter all those years ago gave me her scrap collection when she found out I was learning to paper piece. I have been wanting to do something like this for a while, but I had to figure out how to do it so I wouldn’t be paying $200 in postage. This is working out great. I’m down to just six envelopes today. 🙂


  3. My favorite jeans have a good pocket for my left hand and a short pocket for my right hand. This is okay if I’m trying to keep my keys handy, but not if I want to look cool with my hands in my pockets. Thanks so much for the idea to just fix that. I will.
    Great upcycling of the mat.
    Beautiful afghan from Amber. What wonderful gifts.
    You’re the Johnny Appleseed of our generation! So generous and tenacious.
    Since you’re quilting YOUR own adventure, you really can’t get behind. You make the rules.
    Great to see you as always.


      1. I actually lost my house keys last night, couldn’t get in, had to drive to my brother’s house to get his key…then got home, took off my jeans and heard a clank. Apparently the deep left pocket is much deeper than I though! Unbelievable.

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  4. The pocket recon is so great.. I HATE the dumb short pockets that often get put into women’s jeans. So frustrating.

    The shirt with the stencil looks really lovely. Funny how you can take something so out of date like that stencil and make it look so good… I think the monochromatic look is what makes it work so well.


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