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TTMT #101 A Quilt for the Cabin

5 thoughts on “TTMT #101 A Quilt for the Cabin

  1. It’s a great cabin quilt and a great “guy” quilt
    I’ve only gotten 3 blocks done this week but I am really not sweating it. I’m happy with them.


  2. Those aren’t my regular colors, either, but I really like it. Looks like layer cakes. Great snuggler.
    Thanks for sharing your “mess”. That is definitely “how things look”.
    I made 2 blocks this week. Out of a 4-block project. Had to stop because the pattern had some problems and so the “kit” didn’t have enough fabric. Worked it out with the shop owner who designed the pattern, and now just waiting to get across town to get the rest of the fabric.
    AND…I did not make a video. I’ll show you the blocks next week.


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