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Fandom fabrics galore!!

Wohooo! I am working with my new camera, so bare with me.

I’ve been sewing with my fandom based fabrics.

The Holiday star pattern is by Carol Doak. Music is “Creative Minds”

6 thoughts on “Fandom fabrics galore!!

  1. Wow you have been so productive!!! I have been collecting Who Fabric also, and I need to just start making some quilts. I love how simple the 4 patch looks but you can totally strip piece it to make it even faster, so thanks for showcasing how great such a simple pattern can look with different fabrics!


  2. The stars look great as blocks, that was a good call!

    Oh my goodness, your Doctor Who quilt tops look great! Your color distribution is fantastic. And the Wonder Woman? So good! I agree that it’s a great quilt pattern for large prints.

    Woo, you have been busy!! Enjoy the rest of your break.


  3. WOW! Love all your quilt tops.
    My daughter is going to flip when she sees it. She wants me to make a Tardis quilt top. Also wants me to find fabric with the Dr with the bow tie Matt Smith , and David Tennant.


  4. Okay…just gotta say (sorry) — I have followed you for months, and loved everything you’ve done, and enjoy all your videos…HOWEVER…I have to draw the line here. I’m just not able to “bare” with you! Happy you have a new camera, though. I’ll keep my clothes on, thank you.
    Love the dress!
    Ohhhh…what great stars!
    On the second and third ones, that pattern looks fun. It came together nicely. I save fabric for something special or forget what I had in mind when I bought it. It feels good to use it when I finally do. LOVE the backing. I like that it looks like traveling clocks (so time travel). I like the pieced flannel idea, too.
    I was having trouble picturing WonderWoman-Zombie-Appocolype, but trusted that you had it worked out in your mind. I love the red/black/white and it turned out just beautiful. Please remember to show it to us once it’s quilted.
    Great seeing you. You have a super productive week.


  5. The holiday star is really beautiful .. I just love the colours!

    The Dr Who is lots of fun. Both of them. Love the fabrics… I haven’t seen very many of those prints out in the world. Great fabrics. Agreed about that potential backing fabric… kind of reminds me of the seal of rassilon as well as having the clock and timers on it.


  6. What wonderful quilts! Are the large blocks 12″? It’s so much fun to buy fandom fabric, but then not know what to do with it. You found a great way to use it and to still be able to see the design. Love the star blocks. Carol Doak is the teacher who made paper piecing clear to me. I took 2 classes from her, 2 days in a row, and it really cemented the process for me, She’s great,

    Thanks for sharing your awesome quilts.


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