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TTMT#102-Back to crafting

6 thoughts on “TTMT#102-Back to crafting

  1. The Tula Tigers are beautiful! The argyle border is perfect, of course. Wow! 2 great finishes.
    That round stained glass window still just amazes me. Glad you are working on that one again.
    I have always thought I would enjoy working at a quilt shop…but being off for the summer sounds so nice, also.
    I know you’ll get GOT QYOA done. A lot of us are behind on that one.
    Have a fabulous week.


  2. That’s awesome that you finished two tops! And I did not even start on a QYOA quilt so you’re WAY ahead of me. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Ah to have a job that closes for the summer. I knew I should have gotten a teaching certificate.


  3. WoW and WoW! So much quilty goodness. The argyle quilt really inspires me to work on my Stack and Whack pieces. They have been in a tub forever. I used a fabric that was too wild.
    And Jon snow… o la la. Fantastic. I have not even decided on my QYOA.
    Enjoy your summer!


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