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TTMT #Hats, monster and witch

11 thoughts on “TTMT #Hats, monster and witch

  1. Happy 6th birthday Charlotte!! I think it’s fun to let the kids decide on how their project will look.

    I’ve been hearing about helix knitting a lot lately. I need to give It a try because I love knitting stripes but I’m not a fan of the jog.

    Your witch is adorable! I’m hoping to get back to crocheting stuffies later this summer. 🤞


  2. LSU really went nuts with baseball this year, so that was fun while it lasted.
    Love the hats! That monster is precious…maybe his arms are long from lifting heavy weights at the gym, since he’s sorta stretchy. And the witch is amazing! Great detail.
    You’ve been busy! Hopefully you’ll get over Hedwig soon and can do some sewing also.
    So glad you and Charlotte are knitting. I cherish my memories of my mom teaching me to knit, crochet, etc. I know she will cherish her memories with you.
    Have a great week.


  3. I love your knitting! The hats are always great, but I especially love your little people/critters like Gork and especially the witch! She is sooooo cute.

    I love that you are getting Charlotte started early! This time with her Grandma is something she’ll remember the rest of her life. Happy birthday little one!

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  4. I always love seeing your knitting. The monsters are my current favorites!

    My daughter went to a “knitting camp” and learned to knit with a bunch of other kiddos. It was two or three days, maybe three hours each day, and they made a couple of small knit projects that were basically rectangles. I think the age range was 8-12. My daughter was on the older end of that group. She has been knitting ever since! I learned to crochet when I was a bit younger, but I only made chains for a long, long time!


  5. I absolutely adore the witch, she’s so cute and the hair is perfect. I’m always in awe of such great knitting, as I can barely do a basic stitch. Love seeing everything.


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