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TTMT #81 – What I really don’t need right now is a new project. Ha!


10 thoughts on “TTMT #81 – What I really don’t need right now is a new project. Ha!

  1. At least you actually ‘say’ you don’t need another project right now. I just start a new one without thinking. That includes quilting and knitting. A friend asked me if I was going to a Houston Fiber Fest this weekend. I told her no – If I go I will want to buy something and I don’t need anything. Not going is the only way to keep from buying. Of course I have to stay off the internet, too! 🙂
    I love the kitties – Adorable. They will look great!!


    1. Yeah, I can stay out of the stores, but the darned internet gets me every time. I don’t even know how I found those kitties (on Facebook) because I certainly wasn’t shopping for unfinished quilt blocks.
      I think they will turn out cute. I’ve decided to make two throws out of them and am looking forward to quilting them.


  2. Well, for what it’s worth, the kitties ARE super cute. If something like that showed up at Linus it would probably come home with me, at least for a month or two.

    Regarding the couching. Is that what you plan to do instead of embroidery for facial details, etc? just trying to picture what the couching is for.


    1. On my QYOA Peanuts quilt, I’m doing raw-edge applique for the first time (never really liked it because it doesn’t look finished). Then, i’m making it look like a cartoon by doing the “drawing” in couching with a relatively thin black yarn. Then the solid-colored fabrics will look like the colored in parts of the cartoon. So yes, the facial features, but also everything else in the blocks will look drawn in what was then probably ink and is now probably marker, to look like Charles Schultz drew them. And I will probably couch a line around each “frame” of the cartoon, which will be the outer seam of each block (except for 3 that I decided need to not be constrained. In my head and on my EQ8 drawing, it looks really good.
      So, now that I’ve mastered that technique (in my head), I’m thinking of doing “redwork” with couching in a thicker red yarn. This one I’m not as sure about yet, but just thinking about it.


    1. Thanks. I REALLY don’t need a project, but I thought they were really cute and so the quilt will come together quickly and I can get to the actual quilting of it.


  3. Sometimes I find finishing something someone else started will jump start my own quilty mojo and then I finish something of my own after. It happens A LOT. You may have noticed that I really like orphan block quilts!

    One bobbin per row. WOAH. That is some dense quilting!

    Keep on keeping on, lady!


    1. I have noticed that about you. I just like the kitties, and know I won’t make 12 applique blocks like that, so it gets me closer to the quilting part.

      It doesn’t even look that dense. I have it loaded sideways, so it’s almost 100 inches “wide”, and each row is taking forever. I have a big spool on top, but changing the bobbins is starting to aggravate me.

      I hope to get a lot of sewing time in this weekend, but something looks like it may be coming up that could suck a lot of my time away from me. We’ll see.

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  4. I’m so glad that you’re at least as bad as I am for always starting new projects 😉 You do finish more than I do, though! Molly helps, I’m sure!

    The kitties really are so cute, though. It’s nice to see them up close after seeing them at a distance in your more recent video!


    1. Before Molly, I just kept stacking them in the closet. She’s made a big difference.
      I have 6 more kitties, and will try do do something different with them. But not yet…more projects to start first! Ha!


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