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TTMT #525 – This, That, Cat.

I realized after recording that I didn’t at all mention what dishcloth pattern I use. This is my go to, it’s easy peasy and they hold up really well!

My Super Simple Crochet Dishcloth

  • I Hook, cotton yarn
  • Ch 21 (loosely), sc in second ch from hook, dc in next. *sc in next, dc in next* to end. Ch-1, turn.
  • Repeat Until Square – sc in first st, dc in second, *sc in next, dc in next* to end. Ch 1, turn.
  • Optional – sc around evenly, 2 sc in each corner. Finish off.

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17 thoughts on “TTMT #525 – This, That, Cat.

  1. So impressed that you are right on schedule on the QYOA. I’m hoping to catch up one day.
    What a great haul at the craft thrift store! The backing for the baby quilt is perfect, of course. Great teardrops.
    I remember the dishcloths on LiveJournal! Wow, that has been a while. I think crochet is perfect for times when you need to sit. I don’t like sponges, either. Love sugar & cream yarn for dishcloths. I should really make some new ones.
    I realized yesterday I am way behind on my donation quilts. My goal is 12 and I think I’m at 3 (I have a list, but not with me).
    I’m glad your brother will still get his quilt. My Molly can get louder than my audiobooks, so sometimes I can’t read and quilt at the same time. Right now she’s eating bobbins like I can’t believe, and chalk that up do a denser design than I’m used to. I guess each one is just going to be different.
    Thanks for sharing all your goodies (and the dishcloth pattern). Have a great week.


    1. To be honest, I’m impressed, too! I thought I was a week behind until I looked at my schedule, so yay for that!

      It’s good to be crocheting again, if only in a small way. I stopped completely during all the RSI stuff. I can make one in a sitting, which feels very productive!

      Making blankets and quilts for Linus has been such a big part of my life for so long, it’s just a thing I do every month. I started way back in 2002 and have been going ever since. I need to find my old count sheets so I can figure out how many I’ve donated since the beginning. I have NO idea!

      My fella gave me a portable Bluetooth speaker that has a carabiner on it. I hang it on the front of my Q’Nique and listen to audiobooks that way. It has made a HUGE difference!


      1. Ahhhh…great idea. I have Bluetooth speakers. I have carabiners. I just wasn’t smart enough to put them together and hang it in the right spot. I’ll try that. You are always so kind to work these things out for me so I don’t have to think as much.


  2. Yay for you on ALL the Linus donations. That’s impressive! And for being up-to-date on the QAL.
    I like your dishcloths; nice (and practical) way to keep your hands busy while relaxing or watching tv. I listen to audio books while sewing. I have a tv in my sewing room, but tend to make too many mistakes in my sewing when I look up to see what’s happening.


    1. The mid-arm machine has been a game changer! It takes me about 1/2 an hour to quilt a baby quilt, which is WAY different than what it used to be.

      I do love a good audiobook! I’ve been listening to Harry Potter for the millionth time. It’s comfort food for my heart.


  3. Yay for you on ALL the Linus donations. That’s impressive! And for being up-to-date on the QAL. (Wish I were)

    I love the look Marie gives near the end of the video. She’s like, “Girl, get that thing out of my face.”

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  4. Wowza, 17 quilts already! I love seeing how much you can get done.Those are some really great finds from the thrift store as well.


  5. I love that you managed to find that 50 cent quilt top, already have the perfect backing, and then get it completely finished in time to donate all in the same week, that is so fantastic. Also I so need that thrift store in my life. And at the same time I don’t, lol.

    Yay for being caught up on your RaL for the QYOA event. That’s terrific! As you know I never started anything, but that QYOA formula is so handy I know I will be using it for a future quilt.

    I found that I never liked washing dishes with dish cloths. I think my favorite are the ones crocheted out of netting that are great at scrubbing. But I love using dish cloths for dusting and general cleaning, on the rare occasions that those happen. I also use them for trivets and hot pads sometimes, depending on the density. I still have quite a bit of cottoin yarn and started a big bathrug years ago that I haven’t worked on probably for at least a year. I really need to get that thing out and finish if I can remember what my plan was, lol.


    1. I was kind of stunned when I added my June donations to the sheet. The Q’Nique has definitely changed my quilting output.

      I really hope you can use the quilt formula. I’ve been using it to create quilt-alongs for years and it was high time to share it!

      Dishcloths have been a good compromise with the RSI. I still have a Linus blanket I started in December or January that’s only about 1/4 done. I’ll get to it someday!


  6. That’s a pretty crazy/dangerous sounding crafty store… it could be pretty easy to take a lot of stuff home with you with it all so cheap. The quilt looks very sweet… turned out really nice!

    Love the dishcloths! I love crocheted ones. We have a bunch too, though we don’t have a source any more for new ones since the lady my sister used to get them from retired haha.


    1. Fortunately, the thrifty craft store is just far enough away that I have to commit a chunk of time in order to go! I’m not planning to go back until a friend of mine can go with me next month. THAT is when it will be dangerous for me!

      I love knitted dishcloths, but the older lady who used to make them for me was moved away by her kids. I’ve made a couple myself, but I don’t particularly enjoy knitting, so I’ll settle for my crochet ones!


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