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#jeaniesdreams TTMT #22 June -13-2019

Jeanie Bottles, birthday stuff and T-shirts

7 thoughts on “#jeaniesdreams TTMT #22 June -13-2019

  1. I love all the TTMT shirts this week. So fun!

    Ah, the little genie bottle is so sweet!

    Oh, your Jeanie’s Dreams shirt is so cute. I love that you’ve had so much fun creating t-shirts!

    Fun, fun birthday goodies! I love the space fabric.

    Have fun with your grandbaby’s birthday party!


  2. What a fun t-shirt haul! The Jeanie one is so cute! And the space fabric is awesome. I think that may be the same fabric my daughter picked for a couple of pillowcases. It’s stiff at first but softens up. And it’s so shiny!


  3. The “Jeanie” bottle is precious! I can see that it’s small, but that can always be changed just on a printer without any revisions. Once you get inside, is it nice and roomy, or is it still too small? That would be the reason to enlarge it if your bed won’t fit in there. Just beautiful for a mugrug (and great fabric).

    The shirts are so great! Of course, the TTMT ones are perfect. Perfect BD gifts. I think it is SO sweet that your DH wanted you to add quilter in and wants one!!! What a sweetheart. I have to say, I was feeling a little left out when it didn’t include quilting…but it’s all good now. The Jeanie bottle is such a close match to the one you designed. I think you may have a logo now.

    You have definitely been into sparkliness, and the sparkly space fabric is definitely right up your alley.

    Still love the cookbook. The extermi-cake would look great on my table.

    I hope your star comes out of its time-out soon and you can make some progress on it. You’re going to love that when it comes together right.

    Have fun at the party!


  4. Love all the Tees! The Jeannie shirt is great, and I am so glad your hubby suggested adding quilter. And we sure could tell how proud he is of you when he wanted one too!
    You sure did get some nice birthday presents! I love the sparklies!
    I am looking forward to seeing your diamond quilt when it is all done. I’ll bet it is going to be gorgeous!


  5. The sparkly fabric on the lamp is so perfect! The shirt came out really nice as well! It sounds like you’ve got a pretty great hubby over there.


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