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TTMT#101-No video this week

Meetings, mother, and work have kept me from making a video this week. The only thing I’ve done was tonight. I’ve had some kitchen towels that have been in the stash now for years. I wanted to make some hanging towels for the new rv. Found a pattern online, found the towel, then proceeded to find my manual to learn how to use the buttonhole maker. Read, tapped my head a couple of times, then did a practice run. Yay! Had a finish!

kitchen towels

7 thoughts on “TTMT#101-No video this week

  1. I love cute kitchen towels. I “lost” mine in the divorce, but you’ve reminded me that I should make some new ones. I have a pattern I really like with a chicken on it. Thanks for the reminder. Glad you enjoyed that.


  2. Updated with pictures. My daughter and I have been laughing for days because I changed the pattern from a pointed tab to a rounded tab and didn’t realize in the process it became phallic. Oops.


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