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TTMT #314 – jewells68 – June 12, 2019 – I Think You Mean “Teesday”

Well I’m late, but I did manage to record a video this morning and am just now getting around to uploading it. And I’ll apologize in advance… it’s a long one! I am currently in a timeout because of bringing home too many donations from my Project Linus meeting this weekend. So pour yourself a glass of wine or whatever potion you prefer… put your feet up and listen to the rambles of Jewells.

20 thoughts on “TTMT #314 – jewells68 – June 12, 2019 – I Think You Mean “Teesday”

  1. The T-shirt changes were fun. Each time I looked away for something and came back BOOM a quick change 🙃

    Lots of fun panels for future Linus quilts. Panels can be a challenge for some quilters but they are a great way to stretch our creativity.


    1. Actually quilting the panels may be a challenge, I just love adding things to them to make them a bit different than they started out, lol.

      The shirts were all delivered over the past week or so so I thought it would be fun to show them off that way. It was silly but fun,


    1. I have convinced myself to take some of the panels back, but keep my favorites. We just had such a huge donation that they were encouraging us to take a ton of stuff.


  2. All the shirts! LOVE the blue on the last PL shirt.

    Do you know I still have one of those extension tables still in the plastic wrap? I bought it with a coupon and never opened it. DERP. It will be awesome if you can make it work for your Pfaff!

    Yay for all of your Linus donations. I love the sportsball setting. It’s especially impressive knowing you did those sans frame.

    Holy moly, panel city!! Score on those redwork/bluework panels. Oh, bears. Yes, add the thing(s)! I am literally laughing out loud. MAKE ALL THE THINGS.

    That is some 1980s blue! The fabrics do really go well together, though. You could have a fun retro quilt going on there.


    1. AS you know from my up and down rambles yesterday I have given up on the extension table, even though I got the opening to the right size. Just tired of messing about,. I may keep it a while, or I may just donate it.

      I started out trying to ruler quilt straight lines on the sportsball quilt, but it was not going well, however I was not going to rip any stitches out, so I just kept going and decided to just change the pattern each block. A bunch have microstippling, some have matchstick, some have swirls, some have spirals, some have triangles, lol. I just made sure I didn’t have any identical patterns next to each other. Just Get it done, right?

      Have selected a few panels to keep and the rest is going back next month for someone else. I was trying to be helpful and take a bunch off their hands, but I need to get a grip, lol


      1. I think it’s great that you just ordered the extension table. Goodness knows you’re going to use it!!

        Taking panels would have made more sense if you were still quilting on a frame, but having to sacrifice shoulder and neck for quilting panels? Not so much!


  3. The TTMT shirt looks great on you!
    I knew you would figure out the table. What you have sounds like it’ll be perfect. That’s make it so much more comfortable for you.
    SERIOUS win on the chicken quilt…and such a cute one.
    I like the change in stitch designs!
    That faux redwork is so cute. Can’t believe you got more “bluework”. And more chickens!
    The HP panel is going to be fun to quilt. Have you seen the panel quilts that are just lines going out from the center like a starburst? You would start at Harry and just go out? Maybe you don’t know what I’m talking about. That’s what I see for it.
    The bears…if you wanna make it cute or creepy (depending on the beholder) you could cut out and applique a cute little girl either running or just sitting in the background (somewhere in front of the trees), but I may have been watching too many Stephen King movies. Less creepy, birds–you could put one or two on the trees (flying past) and some in the sky. You probably have something better in mind, so I’ll just stay tuned.
    On the map, I like the idea of sea monsters. Nessy or a giant squid or a sinking ship. Or a bath-tub-toy type boat floating along. Or some “mappy” things like you see on old maps of seas.
    All the panels have so much potential.
    I love The Little Engine that Could. I see the “logo” in the middle and the pictures around in possibly in a circle pattern.
    I see the playscape quilted in just a hashtag (on point) pattern with a box of toy cars to go with it. But that’s just me. It needs animals.
    The kitties go great with the tote print. The Dresden Plates match, also. I have never made one, but also like them. Bunnies and kitties…they’ll need to be separated by sashing or something just for their own safety.
    Since you didn’t ASK for my opinion, and I’ve probably rambled on as long as you did (completely enjoyed yours), I’ll just be quiet now.
    Thanks for sharing. You’re going to be very busy.


    1. I love the ideas of the little girl running away from the bears, that’s great! Maybe one of the bluework sunbonnet sues needs to find its way onto that quilt, but I was thinking a random dinosaur in the background, lol. I’ve decided to take a bunch of panels back next month because I was crazy to bring them all home. I mean I have tops that really need to be quiltedd here and I’m bringing home more stuff! I am keeping my favorites and taking back the rest. And I’ve nearly got the red and blue vintagey top pieced and then the rest of the bluework (2 yards!) is going back next month also for someone else. Why should I get all the fun?!


      1. I like the dinosaur idea. I am always so tempted by panels. I like to buy them and then never get around to them. I made myself stop. I only bought one so far this year, and designed a quilt around it and got fabric. Then stopped. Better.
        If no one else wants the play with panels you can get one back the next month.
        I keep getting these crazy ideas that I have to work through, and your faux redwork gave me one. One of my goals (maybe next year, but we’ll see) is a quilt my mom and I were working on in the 70s or 80s. I have the magazine pages and all my diagrams. It is redwork cars in different positions on muslin with red tiny floral sashing. I still just love it. I was enlarging the patterns on graph paper and she was going to hand stitch them. Now I’m thinking if I can get my LA to do them (we’ll have to see about that, too) I can do them with red yarn as couching. It’s one of those things I just have to let simmer in my brain for a few days, but it’s coming together.
        I may need to stop hanging out with you because you put these great ideas in my head without putting more time in there to work on them.


    1. I have come to my senses and decided that even though we are overrun with fabric donations right now I’m taking some of the panels back. The ones I enjoy more are taking bits and pieces that are leftover from someone else and turning them into something new and fun. The red and blue quilt top is nearly finished, should be done before the weekend is over. Now that I got ink for my printer I can prnt some photos from my friends memorial quilt onto printable fabric and start brainstorming ideas.


  4. I loved that video. When you are talking about your ideas for some of the panels, I was giggling. On that map panel, I think you need Godzilla coming out of the water at Japan and Nessie near Scotland.


  5. Panels for days!! I’ve never been a big buyer of panels – though I do have a finished quilt of that exact Harry print – because they seem so awkward to use. It does help when you get these kind of matching styles etc that you can put together! I’ll look forward to seeing what you do with all of them in the future.


    1. I have bagged most of them up to take back to Linus in July. I kept the HP one, of course, and you’ve seen the space one. I also kept the world map and maybe one other. I’m also taking back the rest of the bluework cheater panel, about two whole uncut yards. So someone else can have some fun, lol. They were really pushing us to take fabric last month because we are running out of storage space. SO I caved and broke my rule, but I’m taking a bunch back and hopefully someone that wasn’t there last month will get the chance to bring these home themselves.


      1. I think you’ve taken more than your share of the difficult to use panels (like the tote bag and cooking/food type ones) and made really great things out of them… let someone else figure something out for once!


        1. Right? I actually prefer when it’s just the bits and pieces left because then it really gets my creative juices flowing. I’m just kind of “meh” about quilting a panel in general. At least with the set up I have currently.


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