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TTMT #63 | The Great Outdoors! | 06/11/2019

Hi All!

Couldn’t resist taking the camera outside! We have finally have been having decent weather sans the GNATS!

Have a great week!

6 thoughts on “TTMT #63 | The Great Outdoors! | 06/11/2019

  1. That video was great! I love your yard with the play house, little critters and the birds chirping! Beautiful place to relax, to play and to garden. Around 7:15 to 7:25 something flew behind you really fast. Your rope bag it great. I can see why Jaxon likes it even without the toys. I like those natural tree blocks. I’d love to find some of those for Garrick. Now that he is walking all over the place, his favorite thing is sticks. He picks them up any time he’s outside and really doesn’t like it when you take one away from him.
    Loved your outtakes. I just leave mine in because I don’t know how to edit them out.


  2. I love your outdoor space, it is so lovely!

    I have a friend who also swears by chiropractic care. It’s great that it’s helped your allergies so much and I am glad you finally get to play with your jelly rolls!

    The baskets continue to come out great. I especially like the handles on that one.

    Your outtakes were great. Recording outside is always an adventure!


  3. Your back yard is lovely.
    The tree blocks are great. I’ve seen bacgs of those unfinished (raw wood) for sale on amazon for like 10 bucks I think. For crafts. But I can see why kids would enjoy playing with them.
    Like the handles on your basket. I bet the kids sometimes like to put it on their heads upside down like a hat.


  4. Your yard is awesome, I just know the kids love it. I completely understand about the allergies, it can completely hold you down. I never heard of the chiropractor helping with that. Something I may need to look into.


  5. Your yard looks terrific. I don’t hardly go outside here. Florida will melt your skin. I miss the temperatures in NJ and NY, You could actually enjoy the day outside. Here we run to the mall or a store then run back home, take a shower and veg. LOL Today the day started at 86 degrees at 7 am. Ugh!


  6. Your yard looks fantastic… I’m a little jealous haha! (It’s been raining here for what feels like weeks. And also, my yard is ugly.) Love all the bird songs. Anyway, the basket is really great.


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