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TTMT #524 – Productive!


16 thoughts on “TTMT #524 – Productive!

  1. Oh my! Love all the Linus quilts. Just beautiful. The princesses are too cute. Nice poster, too.
    Saw the bag on FB….perfect! He’s a very lucky man.
    Star Trek is looking amazing!
    Nice to see all the kitties helping.


    1. Thanks! I’m really pleased with all of the quilts and I do hope the poster makes a difference. 🙂

      I’m really enjoying paper piecing again. I missed it so much. Taking breaks to do other things has helped immensely.

      My kitties were interrupted from their naps for their cameos this week!


  2. Your row quilt is awesome! Every one that I’ve seen so far is amazing.

    I think the blown up size chart for Lines will be very helpful. I know I’m constantly looking up sizes online. Those numbers just never stick.


      1. Thanks! I had so much fun quilting the calendar quilts. those big chunks of solid fabric show the quilting really well!

        The Star Trek quilt..I’m so glad it’s finally moving forward and I love the way it’s coming out. I haven’t even made a dent in my batiks!

        That poster…I’ve made handouts, laminated business cards, it’s on our website, you name it, but it’s still the most asked question! I could give you those numbers off the top of my head when I’m half asleep because I’ve answered that question so often. I really do hope it helps.


  3. OMG the quilts look so fantastic hanging there in all their glory!!! Woo! They all turned out so great… and so FAST. The longarm is certainly the way to quilt faster for sure!

    Loving the batiks in the ST quilt. They are working together so nicely. And glad you have been able to manage your RSI to get some pp done.



    1. Thanks! I have wanted to quilt non-stop since I got my machine back! I’m trying to challenge myself to do different designs… So far, so good! I 💜 my Q’Nique!

      The batiks are making me so happy. I seriously haven’t made a dent in anything but background fabric. An hour on and an hour off has definitely done the trick. It’s better for the foot, too.

      I realized yesterday morning that I didn’t have random kitty footage so I grabbed my camcorder and took some. 😁


  4. The quilts are wonderful!! That’s awesome being able to paper piece again. I LOVE how the ST quilt is looking. I have said if I ever make one each row would be a different color LOVE IT! The bag is adorable, I can see that coming in handy.


    1. Thanks! I love how happy the Linus quilts came out. 🙂

      I am loving the Star Trek project SO MUCH. I neglected to mention that I’m caught up for Quilt Your Own Adventure, so I’m taking a few days off from paper piecing to make sure I don’t blow my arm out again.

      The husband loves the bag. He goes to a gaming group each week, so he wanted the bowls to be easy to tote.


  5. Yay for getting the your machine back and up running.
    I love the gaming back.

    Star Trek is looking so good! I’m not gonna get mind quilted for a while yet. Your is looking so good.

    Trying to play catch up on the videos. Life is keeping me a tad busy at the moment.

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  6. That quilt top from Alida is really neat.. great pattern. You’ve really been flying through the quilt tops with the new quilting set-up! Lots of great stuff.

    The bag for your husband turned out great.

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