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TTMT #79 – wondering about some things

I have nothing to show you, but am thinking this week.  Any shared thoughts would be appreciated.


11 thoughts on “TTMT #79 – wondering about some things

  1. So I looked into the Big Shot Pro when I was trying to decide between it and the accuquilt. I read several blog comparisons (it’s so nice when other people do most of the experimenting for you!) and finally decided on the accuquilt for 2 main reasons: 1) I was starting completely from scratch and had not made any other investments. 2) It’s exclusively for fabric and that’s all I wanted a die cutter to do. Everybody is different and likes what they like and works how they like to work. It was a pretty close tie between the Sizzix and the accuquilt, and if I had any interest in scrapbooking or papercrafting of any kind, I would have gone with the Big Shot Pro so that I had a tool that did both. If you are going to be making a living with quilting and fabric art, it might be worth the investment to get the Accuquilt Studio. If you already have the Big Shot Pro I believe the dies are interchangeable up to 12″ wide with no need for an adapter. Only the studio dies though. I got great insights from this blogger that put this great die chart together.


    1. Thanks so much! I may get a die or two (accuquilt) and try them on what I already have and see how that goes to start with. They seemed comparable to me, and the Big Shot cuts fabric very cleanly. I haven’t tried more than 5-6 layers at a time. If I decide to get the Accuqilt Studiio, I’ll be ahead by a die or two. Once I know the dies are what I’m looking for, I’ll probably do it. The Sizzix dies work well, but I just feel like Accuquilt has more dies to choose from becuase they specialize in fabric. My dies for paper will cut fabric, but then you can’t really make a quilt out of an intricate heart that looks like lace. I just want a different type of shape for fabric. I may have what I need…just thinking. I have to stop hurting my arm, and just need to do something.
      Thanks again for your help. Very informative link.


      1. I had a Cricut that I used a few times and then gave to my sister, but I don’t have any experience with Sizzix. I do love my Accuquilt. I’ve had it just over a year and it’s been a huge help to me with the RSI issues. The dies can be pricy, but I only use a few. I do use the ones I have A LOT. There are some really good demo videos online and sometimes you can catch a demo at a quilt show. If you have a local shop who sells Accuquilt, I’d suggest you go have a look so you can get an idea of the space it takes up, how it works, etc.


        1. I do have a local shop that sells them. My RSI (tennis elbow) is getting worse, and I can switch hands but that just makes them both hurt. Thanks for your help.

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  2. Did you come to any conclusions about any of this? I’ve never used any cutters, so I have nothing to offer particularly! But for saving your arm/wrist while cutting with a rotary cutter (since I assume the dies only go so far… some things you’d likely continue to need to cut), I’d suggest getting a Martelli rotary cutter. You use them in a really different way to the standard rotary blade and it doesn’t require the same sort of pressure at the wrist. (They’ve got videos on YouTube, which are a little annoying – kind of cocky sales pitch – but it does work! It keeps your wrist flat and you don’t need to press down to make it work, so you don’t strain your arm, essentially.)


    1. I just say one of those this week and it looked like something that can help. A few months ago I bought a Fiskars one with the blade built in (can’t remember the name of it, but it’s like a paper cutter). It’s 6″ wide. I use that for making any type of strips. It’s actually my other arm that has the pain in the elbow, from me turn it and pressing down as I cut. With the Fiskars, I try not to turn my hand (like a tennis backhand) and press more gently. It seems to help. But it’s too big to cut squares or triangles really.
      What I decided for the time being is that I can’t justify buying an Accuquilt machine when I have 4 Sizzix Big Shots that will do the same thing. I went to Joann’s to buy an Accuquit die to try it, and they no longer carry those in the stores. I can only get them online now, so I dropped it for the time being. I have used the Sizzix circle die for a UFO that is on my list to finish the year, and it was wonderful. I cut 6 layers at a time and they were all perfect of course. Currently, I’m just being more conscious of my muscles when I cut (the angles and pressure), and I switch hands often (which sometimes just puts less pain in both elbows if I’m not careful). So I will figure this out one day. Thank you for your input, and will probably get a Martelli soon so that my wrists don’w join my elbows in revolting against me.


      1. I’ve never used it, but apparently they have their own ruler and cutting mat that also works together to eliminate strain… i think the ruler sort of locks into place somehow, so you don’t have to put pressure on it? To be honest, I might have hallucinated that bit, haha, but I feel like I saw something about it in a video.


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