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TTMT #523 – Lights, Camera, Cats, Quilts

In which I am distracted by cats! Enjoy the live action Cat Cameos!

I think I have links for everything today, please do let me know if I missed anything or if you have any questions about my quilting set-up!


19 thoughts on “TTMT #523 – Lights, Camera, Cats, Quilts

  1. The lights make a huge difference. I have 2 lamps at my sewing table, I know how important that is. Your quilts are awesome! Nothing better than seeing your works of art on the walls. I never hung a quilt until last year, now I rotate them out. Mainly because I used to give them all away.
    It’s great how much you were able to donate to Jaxon!!! I have the patterns, but haven’t had a chance to make them yet. I have a nurse friend that is going to love them.
    I LOVE your long arm, that is my retirement plan 🙂


    1. I am in love with those garden lights! It was so bright I didn’t need anything else while I was quilting which is just so, so nice!

      I’m thrilled to have been able to do my little bit for Jaxon. Can’t wait to see what you do with the patterns, thank you so much for buying them!

      I love my Grace set up. They make it easy to get just what you can afford and then add on. I had the frame for about 2 1/2 years with my Juki on it before I bought the machine I have now. It’s been amazing.


  2. Yay for the new studio set up, it looks fantastic, and wow that light makes such a huge difference! the quilting on the panel looks fantastic, and I am so happy that you have your machine back in his spot to quilt ALL THE THINGS!

    Oh you distracting kitties!


    1. Honestly, it’s hard to believe it’s the same space! I am SO glad to finally have it all cleaned up and LIT. I need to thank the lady who gave me the idea for the garden lights. I’m still having some ankle swelling, but no more pain, so quilting is definitely back in the rotation. Woo!

      My cats were being maniacs. They were super curious who I was talking to!


  3. LOVE your new space! I really l appreciate your decor choices (know them all!). I remember the dragon….has it really been that long? The lights are wonderful. Where does one find garden lights in which one can use 60W bulbs?
    Dipper reminds me of someone….hmmmm.
    That Jewell has wonderful ideas, huh? The princesses are beautiful!
    If my mom had new lights in a newly-painted garage and was talking to an invisible friend, I’d have to get a piece of the action, too.
    I’m so excited that you have your machine back. I bet she’s as excited about her new space as you are…and of course, the cats are, too.
    Have a great week.


    1. There’s a link in my description to the actual lights I bought. They come with medium base led garden bulbs which I replaced with 60w LEDs. Those are also linked. I did a lot of research first to make sure I was getting the right things, so I thought I’d share! The best part is they don’t get hot, which I definitely need in the garage. I have a fan and dehumidifier, but no a/c.

      I’m DELIGHTED to have my machine back. I neglected to mention that in addition to the warranty work, they gave her a full clean and sent her home with a new package of needles and some new bobbins, too. I have no complaints!


      1. I was sure you had researched it. Thanks for sharing. I skimmed down your links and missed that one. Without a/c, you definitely need really cool and also cool lights.

        Ahhhh…like a whole new machine, but also so familiar. I’m glad she’s home!


  4. Your space is Awesome! Love the lights. I have 4 100 watt lights in my sewing room. DH says its blinding. I can actually see what I am cutting.
    So great that money was raised for Jaxon! Can we still donate?


  5. Awesome space! My garage is full of stuff, spiders, lizards, and I’m pretty sure there’s a black snake that likes to hang out in there snacking on lizards. The lights make such a huge difference.


    1. I spent about six months cleaning the garage out when I originally wanted the frame. My shoulder RSI was so bad that it was either get a frame or stop quilting. I obviously wasn’t going to do that!! I love the garden lights. They worked out better than I expected.


  6. Omg the lights!!! Even having moved my long arm in front of windows I still want more light on cloudy days or after dark. I definitely will be looking in them.

    I love seeing your set up. The brightness and Happy quilts on the walls really makes it feels like a fun place to be working.

    Happy Crafting


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